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Rutgers UBHC creates new outreach program for substance use disorders

Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care's new program will offer training on opioid overdose prevention and risk reduction. – Photo by

Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care (UBHC) recently launched the Middlesex Outreach for Recovery & Education (MORE) program, a new initiative focused on outreach intervention for adults dealing with opioid use and substance use disorders, according to a press release.

The program is a street-level initiative and will provide adults in Middlesex County with a variety of resources including training on opioid overdose prevention and risk reduction as well as homeless care packages.

MORE will also provide readily available information on opioid use disorder, as well as education on medication-assisted treatment and ambulatory withdrawal management, according to the release.

Additionally, MORE will offer service linkage and referral, assessment of individual needs for recovery, shelter, legal and social support services and information regarding HIV and STD prevention.

In addition to this, the program will also feature a MORE Mobile Recovery Unit which will allow staff to aid individuals wherever they are.

“The excitement of the staff is palpable, as they anticipate providing services to individuals through this innovative program that literally meets people where they are at,” said Rena Gitlitz, director of community-based services at UBHC.

Middlesex County will also work together with other UBHC programs to include case management, housing, outpatient Certified Behavioral Health Care programs and community-based programs in the county.

“The opioid epidemic is a national public health crisis, leading to overdoses and accidental deaths every day,” according to the release. “Many of these lives can be saved, and the MORE program is a major initiative to outreach individuals in the community that may not be currently engaged in treatment.”

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