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It’s cuffing season: Venus is now in Scorpio, act accordingly

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is officially in the sensual sign of Scorpio. Expect passion and intensity to come your way during these next few weeks! – Photo by

If you’re feeling an anticipatory chill down your spine, it’s not just the cooler weather. It’s official, folks: As of Sept. 10, Venus has entered Scorpio and will stay there until Oct. 7. What does this mean for you? Well, in short, buckle up for a wildly intense few weeks filled with passion and thrills.

Autumn is almost here: a time for falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and, of course, cuffing season. For many of us, this is the time to search for a boo for hayrides and snuggles in the upcoming cold weather months. If you’re more of a single baddie who prefers to stay that way, then fall is usually the perfect season to get deeply invested in yourself.

Venus in Scorpio curates a no-holding-back, all-in energy when it comes to relationships, whether it be with a loved one or yourself. This energy can be overwhelming, to say the least, but can also provide the perfect jumpstart to a few weeks of glorious dark intensity.

You heard it here first, Rutgers students: The stars are pretty much telling you it’s time to lean into your deeply passionate side (wink wink). Yes, that means romantically, sexually and in pretty much every aspect of your life that requires passion.

Venus enters each Zodiac sign only once a year, and reflecting on how Venus’ position in the cosmos affects us down here on earth can ensure spontaneity in romance and strengthen relationships with others.

Scorpio is an intense passion placement — they’re the no-nonsense water sign of the zodiac, and when Venus enters this position, you can expect a time period filled with a vibe like nothing else in the year.

Venus in Scorpio is not just a time for enhanced romantic relationships, but also for other "things that are profound, disturbing, mysterious or unusual can be more appealing now,” according to CafeAstrology.

The intensity of the connections that can be formed during this time is boundless. Seriously. Once you open yourself up to the idea of powerful bonds, opportunities for such relationships flow with a rushing intensity like water from broken dams.

Venus in Scorpio affects each person differently, depending on the rest of their chart. For those who have their Venus placement in Scorpio, now’s your chance to embrace yourself to the fullest. That sexy magnetism that you’ve always exuded is heightened at this time.

If you want to know how to figure out what your sign is, enter the time and location at which you were born into CafeAstrology and read through some of the information provided. But no matter what your sign is, it’s still important to embrace this energy.

Some activities to do on your own or with a loved one during this time include embracing the dark academia aesthetic, frolicking in fall fields, listening to deep indie jams and eating savory foods.

Venus in Scorpio is also all about the sensual sides of things — is there something new you want to try in the bedroom? Some person you want to take your relationship to the next level with? A project you want to develop further? Now’s the time.

The bottom line: Venus in Scorpio reminds us to be bold and to trust our intuition. Let yourself feel. Talk to that stranger waiting for the REXL bus at Red Oak Lane. Take the friend you’ve been crushing on out for a stroll around Passion Puddle. Go on a cute picnic with your bae. But most importantly, relentlessly stick to your boundaries and even consider creating new ones.

With clear intentions and an open heart, Venus in Scorpio can be a powerful tool for those of us looking for new love or wishing to sustain current relationships. Don’t let this time go to waste — embrace the mysterious energy in these upcoming days!

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