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Feeling unmotivated? Here are some chill tracks to add to your study playlist this semester

Having a great study playlist can help set the tone for your homework sessions and help you get back on your grind. – Photo by Nadia Rahim

With a seasonal change upon us, it can be hard to transition our playlists from the soundtrack of hot girl summers to hitting the books for the fall.

Though it might still be hitting ninety degrees in the afternoons and classes might not be in full swing yet, this autumn study playlist will get you through everything from sylly week to the finals crunch .

“Holocene” – Bon Iver

A classic cold weather track that always makes me feel like the weather is changing, "Holocene" is not only one of Iver’s most popular tracks, but also it is low-key enough that it’s easy to concentrate while studying.

While the wintertime feel of this song may seem fitting for a holiday playlist instead, "Holocene" is the perfect track for a late time study sesh, regardless of the season.

“Heartbeats” – José González (2005)

González’s cover of Swedish electronic music duo The Knife’s song “Heartbeats” has been an incredibly popular cover since its debut in 2005 on his first album. Used in a myriad of shows from "One Tree Hill" to "Superstore" as well as several commercials, the track is beautiful and heartwarming but keeps a muted, gentle tone that makes it great background noise. 

“Roslyn” – Bon Iver and St. Vincent

Yes, another Iver song — but what can I say, their music is perfect for fall! This one also features St. Vincent and is on the “Twilight” soundtrack.

Love “Twilight” or hate it, the movies and their soundtracks are indisputably perfect for when the weather starts to get dreary, and “Roslyn” is no exception. Haunting vocals and careful guitar strums aren’t too distracting, and instead they manage to capture the essence of the September to November stretch. 

“Moon Song” – Phoebe Bridgers

If the fact that Bridgers is wearing a skeleton costume on the front cover of the album “Moon Song” isn’t enough to persuade you into seeing this song as reflective of the inching toward October, listening to it will.

While Bridgers captures the feel of a cold day on this track, the muted indie tune is chill enough so that you can grind out essays to your heart’s content.

“Fourth of July” – Sufjan Stevens

Don’t let the summer-y title fool you: This track would be a major downer and an even more major seasonal faux paux on the nation’s birthday. Stevens almost exclusively writes songs that make me think of grey skies and biting cold breezes, and this laidback track makes it easy listening for everything from intense math equations to creative writing exercises.

“Fourth of July” is dreamy and dreary at the same time, and I can absolutely see myself lighting up a pumpkin candle (not in the Rutgers residence halls, of course) and putting this track on to attempt to get a study grind on.

You can listen to the entire playlist on Spotify and invest in a warm sweater and scented candle from the stores of your choosing. Study on and good luck this semester!

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