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Dreamer Boy's album 'All The Ways We Are Together' is creative but inconsistent

Dreamer Boy's "All The Ways We Are Together" demonstrates the artist's ability to dip into his creative side but lacks refinement.  – Photo by Dreamerboyblue / Instagram

Dreamer Boy occupies an interesting and unique space in the independent music scene. As an artist, 23 year-old Zach Taylor’s blend of ethereal-based pop structures from a singer-songwriter perspective makes him feel more than just an alternative artist.

He has the looks of a pop star, but what he lacks in popularity he makes up for in artistic and creative growth. His latest album, “All The Ways We Are Together,” highlights the unique loneliness most people are experiencing during the pandemic, but it feels specifically tailored to his lens and perspective. 

The album starts off with the title track, which sets a level of tone and ambiance throughout the entire project. He sings, “You have a way of knowing me/I can feel it in our conversations/Tell me how you view this world?”

By starting with such introspective lyrics early on, he helps establish themes that are going to be further developed as the album progresses. They feel honest and confessional without losing its relatability, and by focusing on human connection he allows his audience to interpret these questions for their own perspective. The piano melody and ethereal string sounds feel very orchestral, and it sets the stage for the textures that he wants to create. 

“Know You” is a dancehall-inspired song that feels like he is simply dipping his toes in that genre whenever he feels comfortable. With a lack of variety or feeling in the groove, the song loses steam before it even ends.

Polished production can't save a bad beat, and it seems Dreamer Boy can get distracted dabbling in different genres rather than creating a cohesive piece of art. The song feels like a watered-down version of a genre that already exists, and while the song is not inherently bad it feels out of place within the context of the album.

“Crybaby” is a song that highlights the pains of missing people close to you, and the sentiment is carried in its lyrics and inception. He sings, “I just wish I had more courage for you/I don’t know why I was lying/Why’s it so impossible/To keep up with the people I’ve been meaning to?”

While this song meaning is a simple part of the human experience, Dreamer Boy crafts it in a way that makes it easy to understand, but doesn’t take away from the value of what he believes. This feeling of alienation and fear is a feeling most people have experienced during the pandemic, and it feels topical without relying on trends to create a message. 

Many artists focus on creating a viral moment instead of constructing a cohesive album that is well-produced and highlights their talents. Dreamer Boy places an important emphasis on both singles and albums, and that kind of approach is unique for artists nowadays.

The album feels like a contained universe, and the intricacies feel familiar and fresh. This album is sonically beautiful and he helps to shed the “bedroom producer” label that most independent artists receive.

While the album is structurally sound and provides a beautiful aesthetic, he sometimes can get too caught up in his creativity. Dreamer Boy is an artist first and foremost, and everything from his music to his videos to the scope of his projects seem to expand with each release. His ambition correlates nicely to his musical growth, and his potential is almost limitless at this point in his career.

Hunger and desire translates to greater ambition, and Dreamer Boy showcases this growth within “All The Ways We Are Together." His next project will continue to improve his image and discography, and his consistency as an artist will only develop with the art he continues to create. 

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