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Don't know what to wear to Governors Ball? Here are some cute outfit ideas

It wouldn't be Governors Ball without rocking a fun and fashionable fit. Be sure to look for bright colors and cool accessories.  – Photo by

This year's Governors Ball is right around the corner. Taking place between Friday, Sept. 24 and Sunday, Sept. 26, at Citi Field in Queens, New York, Gov Ball is an annual celebration that features all the hottest stars in music. 

This year’s lineup is enough to make anyone squeal, including musicians like Billie Eilish, A$AP Rocky, Phoebe Bridgers, Kehlani and more. But most importantly, the hot girl coach herself, Queen Megan Thee Stallion will also be performing, and it would be simply unjust if your outfits for Gov Ball aren't up to par. 

Here are some iconic outfit ideas to step up your wardrobe for this year’s festival:

Cute stockings

Something about a detailed fishnet just screams versatility. Whether you’re scream-crying to Bridgers or dancing to J Balvin, patterned stockings are always a way to go. They can be worn underneath a dress, ripped shorts or romper. 

Also, to my friends who get thigh chafing after sweating too much: Tights can definitely throw hands against a mean chub rub. Trust me.

If you’re ready to commit to cool, a range of stockings are sold at Forever 21 and Amazon, or wherever you buy accessories. 

Dramatic sunglasses

The forecast for this weekend is sunny for the most part, and even if it wasn't, sunglasses are a staple for festivals. Colored sunglasses are fun and bold, while more subdued ones still add that much-needed element of flair to any fit. 

You can find a cute and cheap pair of sunglasses at your local dollar store, or stores that sell accessories, like Spencer’s

Tiny purse

Instead of donning a fanny pack, which is a music festival statement, try a tiny purse this year. Little crossbody bags are so in right now, and they can serve as the pop of color or statement pattern that takes your fit to a whole new level. Fanny packs are so 2010s, and crossbody bags are just more chic. 

Cheap little purses can be found at T.J. Maxx or Shein

Anything satin or sheer

Wearing satin anything this season is so hot. Whether it be a little crop top or a long dress, this could be your perfect Gov Ball piece. Sheer is another material that’s commonly worn to festivals, and can easily be paired with a range of different accessories. 

So keep an eye out for the soft stuff when you’re out shopping for your iconic look. 

Bedazzled masks

Everyone loves a statement mask — especially considering that they really should be worn at all times. You better not get coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and bring it back to campus just because you wanted to serve face in front of A$AP, so wear your mask! 

A cute face mask can demonstrate a commitment to a look, showing that you’ve thought about your fit. Maybe your mask matches your purse, or adds another dimension to the look completely. 

Make sure you double up on masks if you’re wearing a face mask that’s fashionable but maybe doesn’t properly cover your face, so that you can avoid a Lana Del Rey mesh face mask controversy. 

All together now: 

Putting these pieces together can result in any range of fits. For instance, try wearing ripped shorts, fishnets, a tiny satin crop top and a crossbody bag, with Y2k-esque sunglasses. Or maybe wear heart patterned tights with a tight bodycon dress. Or ripped jeans and a longer satin top.

If you’re going to this year’s Gov Ball, please be safe, wear a mask and have fun! And don’t forget that you’re lowkey repping Rutgers no matter where you go, so you better look good in front of Meg, thanks!

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