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Editor's Picks: Favorite restaurants in New Brunswick

If you’re feeling hungry, our editors recommend a number of local restaurants to try. – Photo by Nadia Rahim

One of the best parts about New Brunswick is the huge selection of food, drinks and snacks to try. While this list is by no means exhaustive, the 153rd editorial board picked some of our favorite spots for you to check out during your time at Rutgers. 

Hayley Slusser, editor-in-chief: “Picture this: It’s a rainy day in New Brunswick. You forgot your umbrella, and the bus seats are soggy from the broken air conditioners. You’re cold and tired, but suddenly you are approaching George and Bayard Streets. There it is, your shining light in the darkness: Ramen Nagomi. Nothing can warm your body and heart after a long day like a nice fresh bowl of noodles complete with all your favorite ramen toppings.”

Maddie McGay, managing editor: “Hansel ‘n Griddle has to be one of my favorite off-campus spots. There are so many different options and it’s a go-to for all different times of the day. I’m partial to their buffalo chicken crisp, but there’s guaranteed to be something there for everyone.”

Tori Yeasky, news editor: “Ever since my first time visiting Rutgers, Tacoria has always been my favorite restaurant. The food is absolutely to die for and the ambiance of the restaurant itself is so beautiful and so much fun. I love the pollo tinga tacos, quesadilla suiza and guacamole!”

Joanne Chung, associate news editor: “If you love bubble tea, the Gong Cha downtown is worth trying at least once. Their drinks always have just the right amount of delicate sweetness, and their toppings are a blessing.”

Alice Militaru, opinions editor: “Efes Mediterranean Grill has been my go-to spot ever since I landed at Rutgers in 2019. I’ve always been a sucker for baklava and Turkish coffee, but don’t think there aren’t plenty of other options. I highly recommend the manti dumplings, which look like little squishy stars and taste even better. Prices may be a little higher than the Rutgers food trucks, but the portions are generous and the food never leaves anything to be desired.”

Laney Ortiz, sports editor: “Hansel ‘n Griddle: the buffalo wedges speak for themselves.”

Dylan McCoy, associate sports editor: “My editor's pick for restaurants is Edo Takeout. They have a lot of great options including the fat cup, and it’s in a great location on campus. Edo also has great sushi and is a very affordable option for all students.”

Nicole Falcone, copy editor: “One of my favorite New Brunswick spots would have to be Evelyn’s Restaurant on Easton Avenue. The combination of Mediterranean food, the beautiful outdoor seating area, nightly drink deals and the option to also order from Barca City Cafe & Bar’s menu (meaning their assortment of more than 50 mini sandwiches for $2.49 each), make it a magical place to go to with friends for both drinks and conversation.”

Vy Nguyen, associate copy editor: “Hidden Grounds Coffee is my go-to spot for a midday pick me up. Only a short walk off campus on Easton Avenue, I find myself coming here to meet with friends or just spend a few minutes to myself. Whether you're looking for classics done well, like my favorite iced latte with oat milk, or something further out of your comfort zone, you really can’t go wrong.”

Nadia Rahim, photo editor: “Located at the heart of Easton Avenue, Noodle Gourmet has got to be one of my favorite restaurants. The low prices, umami flavors and giant portions are just a few factors of why this place is so great. Their lunch menu holds some of their best meals and deals. My favorite, in particular, is their lo mein and Thai bubble tea. If you are looking for flavorful and cheap Chinese food on campus, I highly recommend it.”

Sakina Pervez, associate photo editor: “You can never go wrong with pizza and Krispy Pizza near The Yard @ College Avenue is definitely a win. They have a variety of toppings — the Margherita pizza being my favorite. Whether you decide to go with friends or grab a slice before class, it will always be worth it.”

Rania Rizvi, features editor: “Sakura Sushi Express on Easton Avenue is a must-try for sushi lovers who want tasty rolls on a budget! Most people don’t know about this tiny joint since it’s actually inside of a pizza shop, but it’s been a staple of mine since freshman year. (P.S. if you do go, get the crunchy spicy salmon hand roll, it's amazing!)”

Tarana Parekh, video editor: “honeygrow at The Yard @ College Avenue is my favorite place to stop by for a quick meal in between classes. There are hundreds of different ways to customize your order, so each time you visit is a completely new experience!”

Jonny Berkowitz, associate video editor: “Stuff Yer Face on Easton Avenue is where strombolis die and go to heaven. This place has the greatest strombolis I have ever had. Nowhere else does it like them. Get the burger stromboli, it will change your life.”

Hezekiel Poluan, social media editor: “Veganized in downtown New Brunswick is my favorite restaurant near campus. For anyone that is vegan or vegetarian, this place is a must, while those who just want to try incredible vegan food — go to Veganized! This place is a little pricey, but so worth it! It’s a must to try their deluxe vegan burger.”

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