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Six songs to add to your hookup playlist

Sex is just as mental as it is physical, so setting the mood with the right music can make the biggest difference for you and your partner's next experience.  – Photo by Priscilla Du Preez /

Picture this: It’s a warm Friday night and the New Brunswick air is thick with smoke and hormones.

Approaching Olde Queens Tavern, the body heat of 100 people greets you at the door before the bouncer even checks your ID. Once inside, you settle into your seat and meet the gaze of a handsome stranger from across the bar who offers you your first drink. You’re totally going home with him tonight.

In a misguided attempt to set the mood, the man puts on the musical stylings of none other than Lil Uzi Vert and you are now forced to make love while “XO Tour Llif3” plays in the background. As you stare up at the revolving ceiling fan, you start wondering how you found yourself in this position.

Sex is a transcendent experience, so it’s only right that you do it to music that elevates your mind, body and soul.

Whether you're an intense, passionate lover or a soft, sensual partner, I got you covered! Below is a mix of some of the best tunes for when you want to do the horizontal tango (if you catch my drift) that will not only boost your sex life, but save you the awkwardness of having to bump uglies to Lil Uzi.

Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Led Zeppelin 

Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t believe any sex playlist would be complete without the legendary flawless foursome that is Led Zeppelin. Typically, you wouldn’t see a blues-rock anthem on a sex playlist, but trust me when I say the magic of Jimmy Page’s sultry guitar makes this song electric. 

The rhythmic breath of the guitar is met with a voice so beautiful it could make the angels cry. Lead singer Robert Plant absolutely kills it in this song, giving us lyrics that are heartbreaking, but also somehow extremely seductive. This song makes me want to have sex and smoke a cigar afterwards. 10/10 song for badasses everywhere.

Gooey” by Glass Animals

If 1970s rock legends doesn’t do it for you, the hallucinatory melodies of U.K. alternative/indie group Glass Animals will definitely get you in the mood. 

This song makes me feel like I’m in a dream. I feel like my soul levitates out of my body and for the next five minutes I am taken to a planet where all my senses are heightened. Sounds are louder, tastes are stronger and a single touch feels like a million butterfly kisses all over your body. 

The lyrics make little to no sense, but at the same time somehow describes the background beat and the song as a whole perfectly. The song is “icky” and “gooey” and for some reason just sounds like a melting popsicle. If you listen to it you’ll know exactly what I mean. 

Give It to Me” by HOMESHAKE

If you enjoy lo-fi beats and bedroom pop, you will love the unique noise of HOMESHAKE, an independent project of singer and songwriter Peter Sagar, formerly the guitarist for indie-rock star Mac DeMarco

The song is otherworldly, taking you to a different dimension and back in just more than 3 minutes.

Sagar utilizes synthesizers to mimic different sounds from the outside world in his tracks, such as the sound of blood pumping through the body or dewdrops falling off a leaf. The resulting work is wholly organic and surreal, an ethereal work for a transcendent moment in time.

Eternal Light” by Free Nationals, Chronixx

For those of you that wish to remain comfortably in the rhythm and blues (R&B) category or are hesitant to branch out and listen to different genres, we’re going to slow it down a bit. 

Free Nationals is by far one of the most versatile and hottest R&B groups out right now. They employ elements of contemporary R&B such as smooth, melismatic vocals and combine them with beats that have roots in funk and hip-hop for a slowed down, sensual vibe. This song is perfect for an evening alone with your significant other, or to set the tone for one-on-one time with a date.

O.T.D.” by Brad stank

Reminiscent of slow dancing with a partner after a lovely candlelit dinner, stank’s deep, ponderous voice and romantic lyrics, are basically cupid’s arrow if you are like me and music is your love language. The song’s main draw is the incorporation of brass instruments, which blend perfectly with the lyrics for a spacey, cool jazz jam which will make all who listen fall in love — at least for a few minutes. 

The chorus is simple and intimate, with lyrics like “Yeah she wants me/Yeah she needs me/And I’m on her mind/What she don’t say, with her lips babe/She says with her thighs." stank’s buttery voice and lustfully erotic vocals will slow down the tempo and create a natural ebb and flow between you and your partner.

Lavender Kiss” by The Licks

Saving the most “underground” band for last, The Licks are a five piece alternative group based out of California. The band consists of high school friends Thomas Bateman, Jimmy Rogers, Paul Haston, Chad Zappia and Chandler James who all work collectively to write alt-rock bangers — all while being full-time students. 

“Lavender Kiss” is their first single that came out in 2018 on Spotify and I like it because it’s lo-fi with a heavy, robust guitar solo in the middle of the song, which seems to come out of nowhere, but simultaneously fits perfectly within the bounds of the song. 

Accented by random chords of electric guitar throughout the song, the band's lead guitarist busts out the most electric bridge, and it is oh-so-satisfying. It’s sad but sexy, slow but dynamic and romantic yet suggestive, all at the same time.

Next time you’re trying to set the mood and you find yourself staring at the ceiling fan, claim the aux and throw on one of these bops. I promise, you’ll regret ever settling for less.

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