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Holloway reminds students to upload vaccination information by Aug. 1

University President Jonathan Holloway said that he has received his coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine and uploaded his vaccination card, and hopes that students will do this as well. – Photo by Nick Romanenko /

University President Jonathan Holloway sent an email to the Rutgers community yesterday reminding students to get their coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine and upload their vaccination information by Aug. 1 if they plan on returning to campus in the fall.

He said it is important that students upload this information as soon as possible given that the deadline is quickly approaching, according to the email. While many students have already uploaded their vaccination information, there are still vaccinated students who have not done so. 

“One of the keys to quickly returning to ‘normal’ is knowledge about just how many students have met their requirement to be vaccinated … Uploading is easy and only takes a minute or two,” Holloway said.

He also announced that the University will be giving away fifty $500 gift certificates to the on-campus store kite+key as an additional incentive for students to upload their vaccination information by the deadline, according to the email. 

Every student who has completed the process will be automatically entered into the drawings for one of the gift certificates, which will take place on Aug. 1, Holloway said, according to the email. The giveaway will be open to all students no matter when they uploaded their vaccination information.

“Our response to the pandemic has shown how deeply we care about each other and how much we respect and value every member of the Rutgers community,” he said. “Getting vaccinated and uploading your vaccine status is one more way that we can demonstrate our individual commitment to each other … I’ve been vaccinated and uploaded my card, and I hope you will, too.”

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