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Shows on Netflix to stress-watch in between classes

"Big Mouth" is a sitcom on its fourth season that includes famous comedians like Nick Kroll, John Mulaney and Jessi Klein voicing teenagers going through puberty.  – Photo by Big Mouth / Twitter

Netflix continues to be one of the most in-demand streaming services available in our current era of media consumption. The quality of its shows vary, but you're guaranteed to gravitate toward certain shows that tailor to your interests. It‘s constantly adapting to its market and continually releasing new shows and original films for its subscribers.

Some of its newest material include re-releasing older movies and shows that focus on bringing in a wider audience. Here are some must-see Netflix shows:

"The Queen's Gambit"

"The Queen’s Gambit" has quickly risen to become Netflix’s most-watched limited show when it was released in October 2020. The period drama follows a chess prodigy played by Anya Taylor-Joy, but it truly flourishes with its stellar supporting class and fascinating storyline.

While chess may be seen as boring to some people, it allows the personal and emotional struggles of the main character to be on full display. Without the noise of a heavy-handed set or overblown storyline, the audience is able to watch these characters grow and develop without any distractions.

These factors make "The Queen’s Gambit" one of the best new shows on Netflix, and further enhance Netflix’s reputation for creating quality content independently. 


"Bridgerton" is a fairly recent show which stars “Derry Girls” actress Nicola Coughlan and Julie Andrews. It's a period drama based on Julia Quinn’s historical romance novels, which follows the eldest daughter of the influential Bridgerton family as she struggles to find a suitable husband.

The dialogue feels both stuffy and modern, but it's easy to follow what the characters are saying and experiencing. The show’s feudal elements and setting are very reminiscent of “Downton Abbey,” so fans of that will definitely enjoy and appreciate "Bridgerton." "Bridgerton" is produced by Shonda Rhimes, who also made "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Scandal."

"Big Mouth"

The release of season four of Emmy Award-winning comedy "Big Mouth" signifies the show’s dynamic staying power and evolution beyond a crude and immature pre-teen drama. The first three seasons of this animated comedy have focused heavily on pubescent teen struggles, and season four continues down this path with resounding success.

Whether you find the humor of "Big Mouth" funny is a taste of personal preference, but its crude animation style and focus on embarrassing adolescent experiences make it relatable for younger viewers who are currently experiencing these problems, and older viewers who can reminiscence on their lives at that age.

"Dare Me"

"Dare Me" is a teen cheerleading drama that debuted on USA Network last year but recently crossed over to Netflix. The story follows two high school seniors obsessed with making their state’s cheerleading regionals.

The cast is full of ambitious and relatively unknown actors, which contrasts from other teen dramas like “Euphoria” where Zendaya is a household name. The marketing and character development for "Dare Me" is not as strong or compelling as other dramas in the same category, but it makes up for it in strong performances by its lead actresses Marlo Kelly and Willa Fitzgerald. 

Netflix continues to be one of the most fluid and influential streaming services on the market. Even with stiff competition from HBO Max and Disney+, Netflix releases fresh and ambitious new shows as people spend more time at home than ever before.

Adapting to the current era is how businesses thrive and prosper, and these shows and movies have shown their staying power and influence beyond the conceptual stage. These are some of the best new content on Netflix, and I genuinely find these shows interesting and entertaining.

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