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Expect change, fluidity this Aquarius season

Aquarius season is upon us, providing a creative launch into the new semester. Try channeling the new energy into school, love and relationships.  – Photo by Pixabay

It's now Aquarius season! Prepare for a change in pace with several planetary shifts: a full moon, new moon and Mercury retrograde. Aquarius is a social air sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn, making Aquarians a blend of inventiveness, enthusiasm, discipline and ambition. Aquarius belongs to the 11th House, which means it concerns relationship dynamics.

Read your horoscopes below to see what you can expect this season.


Be discerning about what you want to keep in your life. This season is about simply cutting off people who don’t align with your energy. Letting go of people is hard, but it’s worth the beauty of finding who truly belongs. Devote more of your focus to those who you feel best around. You are worth the love you give to others.


Exciting things are in store for you, especially regarding your career. You’re seeking more recognition for your efforts and you will receive them if you act now. Break out of your comfort zone and make your voice loud and clear. This is your month. Don’t shy away from success.


Tune into your innate curiosity. This season is encouraging you to explore and consider different perspectives on life and society. Life is a series of learning moments, embrace them.


You may find yourself trudging through this time, but no worries. Aquarius season is activating your chart’s zone of intimacy. Prepare to get to know a special someone on a deeper level, emotionally and intellectually. Learn about what excites them, what picks at them, what books they have on their bedside table. Intimacy is what carries us through periods of struggle.


Welcome to cuffing season my fellow Leos. While Aquarius season isn’t big on romance, it values steady, platonic connection (that can bloom into something more). You’ll find yourself putting yourself first during the full moon on Jan. 28, and then redirecting your energy to others when the new moon approaches on Feb. 11. Seize the opportunity to further a connection with someone. 


Aquarius season is impressing on you to address your everyday habits. Your responsibilities at work and school may seem endless, but you can handle it. Take a break at the beginning of next month to unwind and recharge. When you clock back in, try to reorganize your routine in a more productive way.


Be on the lookout for dream opportunities and romance. You’re riding on a streak of luck this season, whether that be professionally or romantically. You feel driven by your passions to pursue something big. Now is the perfect time to commit to your goals and things will gradually fall into place. And for the icing on the cake, you might also find things heating up in your love life.


Change is hard and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. That’s just our body’s signal to pause and reset. Take this time for yourself, unplug from all external stimuli and hunker down with your loved ones. Frustration and sadness may overcome you, but so can joy.


You are popular, Sagittarius. Aquarius season is particularly social — and you’re forming new connections and cultivating old ones. For someone that lives for spontaneity, this is totally in your repertoire.


This month, you’re realizing the power in your confidence. When you’re feeling good about yourself, the possibilities are endless. Keep up the good work and expect to see results, whether that may be positive feedback from a boss or professor or a raise. You deserve it.


Happy birthday! This month is all about you, which is a sentiment that conflicts with your innate generosity. Now is the time to be a little selfish and prioritize your needs and desires. What are you seeking in your life and relationships? Don’t hesitate to return the energy you give to others back to yourself.


Despite the social nature of this season, you are living in your own world. The cosmic shifts that occurred in the sign before you activate your chart’s 12th House, which rules isolation and the completion of cycles. Unfinished business is coming your way, interrupting your internal bliss. Take things as they come and view this time as an opportunity to start anew.

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