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Finals season blues? Stream movies on Disney+

"Tangled" celebrated its 10-year anniversary last month. The movie became an instant classic and revisioned the story of Rapunzel.  – Photo by Twitter

As the temperature draws cooler, skies grow darker and our workload intensifies, we could all use a break. I’m sure we all would resoundingly prefer to take more time to ourselves instead of being glued to our computer screens all day.

With minimal hours of sunlight – hello, seasonal depression – and inability to socialize, a good way to find a semblance of comfort during this time is to watch movies on Disney+.

The streaming platform offers a reservoir of Disney animated and live-action classics, documentaries and musicals that evoke childhood nostalgia. Infused with the paradox of drama and simplicity, Disney movies can help you clear out the clutter in your mind and adventure outside the confines of your room. Here is a list of movies on Disney+ to watch when things get a little overwhelming.


“Tangled” is a timeless fan-favorite that follows a stubborn and long-haired Rapunzel as she ventures out of the tower she’s been captured in for 18 years in pursuit of something more. In doing so, she meets the comical delinquent, Flynn Rider, who is escaping his impending arrest. "Tangled" is a heartwarming tale with bright colors and expressive characters that depicts a growing love between two stubborn and hopeful teenagers. 


“Moana” is a stand-out Disney film that mastered the independent and determined female warrior (Moana). She embarks on a journey to save her Polynesian land from deterioration, setting out to sea accompanied by the complacent demigod Maui – voiced by the incredible Dwayne Johnson.

Her journey is captured among deep blue ocean waves and vivid greenery. The film was praised for its stunning visuals and representation as well as its energetic soundtrack, including the lead number “How Far I’ll Go.”

"Hannah Montana: The Movie"

Departing from animation, “Hannah Montana: The Movie” is the ultimate trip down memory lane. Based on the show “Hannah Montana,” Miley Stewart temporarily leaves her double life as a popstar and returns back to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee, after her dad, Robby Ray Stewart, decides fame has gotten to her head.

It takes a while for Miley to betray her wig and bedazzled accessories for the small-town life, and soon enough, she’ll find herself opening her heart up and perhaps falling for a childhood friend. You also don’t want to miss the iconic “Hoedown Throwdown” and cameo by Taylor Swift – which provides the perfect segway.

"folklore: the long pond studio sessions"

Taylor Swift just released “folklore: the long pond studio sessions” exclusively on Disney+. This documentary is an intimate concert where Swift revisits her critically-acclaimed quarantine album, “folklore,” in the studio.

She performs each and every song and ruminates on the stories behind them with her collaborators Jack Antonoff and The National’s Aaron Dessner. Even if Swift isn’t your cup of tea, the documentary exhibits cozy vibes and melodic performances by the trio as well as in-depth conversations about the struggles we all go through. Curl up with a warm cup of tea (literally) and watch Swift sing all your worries away.

"The Princess and the Frog"

In this underrated animated tale, a girl named Tiana is a waitress and dreams of opening a restaurant of her own in New Orleans. Her life somehow becomes intertwined with Prince Naveen’s, who waltzes into town searching for a well-off American girl to marry.

At a ball held in his honor, the Prince, unfortunately, gets transformed into a frog and then mistakes Tiana for a princess and kisses her, transforming her into a frog. As frogs, Tiana and Naveen escape to a bayou, desperate to rectify the situation, and eventually fall in love. Return back to your childhood with this heartfelt comedy and fall into its amusing storyline and adorable animation.

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