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What Kanye West's presidency would look like

Kanye West ran for president this election, and he already revealed he may be running again with a tweet captioned "KANYE 2024."  – Photo by Kanye West / Twitter

Kanye West’s presidential bid was proof that truly anything is possible in 2020. While he gained only 60,000 votes across the entire United States, that itself is a testament to how many people were willing to vote for him during such a divisive time.

The transition from one reality star president to a rapper would be absolutely disastrous for the country, but still makes for an interesting hypothetical to consider. Considering his status in the public eye today, let’s take a look at what a Kanye West presidency would look like:

West is an expert at making people love him or hate him. After the release of his collab album "Kids See Ghost" in 2018, many people were praising this as one of West’s best albums in years.

With the public on his side and critical acclaim coming from all sides, he went on to endorse Donald Trump for president and subsequently alienated his fans — a large majority of whom that had been supporting him for years.

He then infamously went on TMZ and said that slavery sounded like a choice, which was really the tipping point for public support for him. West later recounted his endorsement and political views. This just goes to show how much his mental health and opinions can change in the span of a year.

West’s political cabinet would likely have a mixture of people experienced in business and the music industry. His connections across different industries are undoubtedly vast, and along with the Kardashians, he could find people willing to work for him with relative ease.

While West would not be as overtly racist and xenophobic as Trump has proven himself to be, his faults would reveal themselves in other areas. For example, West has been shown to be brash and politically outspoken, so in terms of diplomacy and relationships with foreign leaders, he would likely make our allies feel the same sort of unpredictability that the Trump administration created.

West has never been one to mince words for anyone, so his speeches would likely be haphazardly put together and likely contain a mixture of explicit words and nonsensical phrases.

Kim Kardashian West as the First Lady would be an interesting role model for women of America. While her multiple Blackfishing attempts and cultural appropriation of black culture has been widely documented, her success in regards to her family branding and business empire is simply impossible to ignore from a financial standpoint.

Her years in the spotlight as a public figure would make her well equipped to handle different types of diplomatic situations, and I believe she would honestly be a very good First Lady.

The Kardashians in the White House would lead to similar conflicts of interest that the Trump family accumulated in their time in office. Since basically all members of the Kardashian family are media personalities in their own way, they would undoubtedly not relinquish any business ties in order to keep their money afloat and secure.

Additionally, their endorsements of companies on Instagram from the White House would likely lead to numerous lawsuits in the same way Ivanka was criticized for endorsing Goya Beans.  While they would likely not share the same cult-like status of lies and misinformation as the Trump family, they would have a similar cult of personality surrounding them.

West has already established that he plans on running in 2024, so this possibility is more likely than not. It would be interesting to see how the country and the public would respond.

After Trump’s win in 2016, we honestly cannot cast anything out as improbable or impossible. That mentality leads toward a false sense of security and lowered awareness. Thinking through all possibilities keeps us prepared just in case this becomes our new reality.


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