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Sex? Studies? See what Scorpio season looks like for you

'Tis the season of Scorpios (and thank goodness Mercury Retrograde is over)! Being water signs, Scorpios are ruled by passion and power.  – Photo by Pixabay

Welcome to Scorpio season, which runs from Oct. 22nd to Nov. 21st. A lot transpires within this time, including Halloween, Election Day and the merge into holiday season. Scorpios, ruled by their water elements, are known for being intense, emotional, stubborn, sexual and loyal. 

This is the opportunity to embrace your roots and deepen relationships with yourself and with others. Here’s what you can expect from this season based on your zodiac sign:


The intensity of Scorpio season is pushing you to connect with your feelings and desires in relationships. Whether that means being intimate with someone or committing to a relationship, this shift allows you to open your heart and cultivate deeper connections. 


This season is full of breakthroughs not only in your romantic life but platonic and professional lives as well. This month, you will realize the qualities about yourself that make you unique and experience shifts in your social circles. Watch out for a new connection or signs that you may need to cut someone out of your life. As the great Ariana Grande once said, “thank u, next.”


In with the new and out with the old. Gemini, you’re starting to reorganize your life and take time to care for yourself. You’ve been consistently grinding, and you deserve a break! Now is the time to be mindful of the process and grateful for the places it’ll lead you to. Clean up your space, find out what works for you and know that there's nothing wrong with taking things slow.


All the pain and struggle that has consumed your year will bring out life-long lessons. Failure is good and it provides the opportunity to unpack your feelings and learn from them. Besides, things may be heating up in your fifth house, which rules romance and sex. Right now, the exchange of love flows easily through your life. Allow yourself to enjoy it.


Leos rejoice! This is an introspective period for you to appreciate your journey and learn more about who you are at your core. Reflect on how much has shifted in your life and how new paths have opened up for you career-wise. Making peace with your past will help you move forward to bigger and brighter prospects.


You’re known to be logical and practical, but take on the challenge and tune in to your emotions. The next few weeks promise a lot of connections for you, like getting to know new people and becoming closer to people you value in your life. Be your truest self and make sure your voice is heard.


Coming off the high of your birthday season, it’s time for a good pause. This month, get to know yourself and your ideals. Some relationships may need a little breathing room, which is a good reminder when communication gets strained.


Scorpios, this is your month to shine! The first week was tainted by Mercury Retrograde, but as you move forward, this time is all about you. This season is devoted to healing, being in touch with your personal motives and keeping your mind open. As you realize more about yourself and your relationships, beware of moments of paranoia that may rock you off your boat.


Unfortunately, this season predicts a trend of loneliness, influencing your chart’s 12th house, which governs isolation and the completion of cycles. Old relationships and jobs may reappear, but you have everything you need to handle it. The full moon at the end of October also signaled changes in your relationship with your physical self. Now is the time to harmonize your body with your mind and clear out unnecessary baggage in your life.


This month spells out camaraderie within your friends, family and professional networks. It’s these connections that fulfill you and drive you to keep moving forward. Don’t hesitate to arrange Zoom calls, socially distanced outings and other safe group excursions. Your social life is about to blossom!


This season always promises a streak of luck for your professional life. Your power and agency in your job will pay off and highlight what you love about what you do. Expect to be rewarded for all your hard work, or up your game to see some desired results.


The theme for this month is mental and physical exploration. Focus on your own goals and change things up in your psyche, which can look like learning more about a topic you’re really interested in or adding a new habit or routine. Pay attention to divulging conversations as you learn more about the world around you.

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