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Holloway commends Rutgers veterans in U. email

University President Jonathan Holloway said that Rutgers is dedicated to supporting student veterans and offering them the opportunities they deserve. – Photo by Pixabay

University President Jonathan Holloway issued an email to the Rutgers community yesterday in honor of Veterans Day, to thank those who have served in the U.S. armed forces.

“I want to celebrate our hundreds of military-affiliated students across Rutgers, as well as those on our faculty and staff and among our alumni who have served in uniform,” he said, according to the email.

Holloway said that after serving in the Air Force for 20 years, his father retired as a lieutenant colonel and an instructor at the formerly known Air War College, according to the email. His father taught him integrity, discipline and the commitment to service, which he said he knows are things Rutgers veterans have also learned and carried with them.

“Our veteran community at Rutgers enhances our diversity — in age, race and ethnicity and gender,” he said, according to the email. “The achievements of our student veterans — in the classroom, in their extracurricular involvement and later as Rutgers alumni — further enhance our reputation for excellence and access.”

The University is proud of these individuals and is dedicated to providing them the support they need to succeed, Holloway said, according to the email. He said they created a new webpage to highlight the programs available to veterans across each of the University’s campuses. 

He said Rutgers has consistently been ranked among the Military Times’ top 15 four-year colleges for veterans, according to the email. Additionally, he said Rutgers—Camden’s status as New Jersey’s first Purple Heart University serves as an example of the University’s commitment to give student veterans the opportunities they deserve.

Holloway said Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Jack Jacobs, former U.S. Army Judge Adjutant General Flora Darpino and newly commissioned Nuclear Submarine Officer Esa Rao from the Class of 2020 are just a few of the many generations of service men and women Rutgers has educated over the years, according to the email.

“We have a long tradition of honoring the service of our students,” he said, according to the email. “Today we honor that service by joining with a grateful nation in saluting you in a special way as we observe Veterans Day.”

Holloway also reminded veterans and family members who may be facing issues that there are resources available to them, including Rutgers’ Office of Veteran & Military Programs and Services, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology and University Behavioral Health Care’s Vets4Warriors hotline, according to the email.

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