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Cosmic insights based on U. President Jonathan Holloway's zodiac sign

University President Jonathan Holloway is a Leo sun, Aries moon and Scorpio rising, which involves a lot of fiery energy.  – Photo by

University President Jonathan Holloway took office on July 1, serving as the 21st University president, replacing the subject of some of the best memes I’ve ever seen, former University president Robert L. Barchi. 

Holloway recently met with The Daily Targum to respond to questions and discuss future plans as the new president. While he certainly has his work cut out for him by dealing with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the part-time lecturer (PTL) crisis (that we should all be super concerned about) and more issues at the University, I decided to ask him something I feel will help all of us better understand how to work with him: the time he was born. 

Yes, reader, I am going to be analyzing our president’s natal chart and zodiac sign.

You might be thinking it was bold of me to inquire into the matter of our University president's birth and location time, but I’m no stranger to asking powerful figures what their zodiac signs are. In 2010 when former Gov. of New Jersey Chris Christie graced my elementary school with a visit, I asked him what his Chinese zodiac sign was.

This small event propelled me to pursue a career in journalism and the habit I have of disturbing men's peace of mind. (I also pretty much single-handedly predicted the shadiness to Bridgegate. You’re welcome New Jersey.) There’s no telling what we can predict now that we have our University president’s chart.

If you don’t believe in astrology, I’m sorry that you’re not cool. Just kidding. But seriously, astrology is awesome, and no amount of Scientific American articles that say that astrology has no scientific backing will make it any less epic. 

Riddle me this, non-believers: in the words of @unwh0retunate, "if astrology isn't real than why do geminis act like that"? With all things about astrology, it’s hard to put into words but if you know, then you just, like, know. 

Before we begin dissecting the natal chart of our University president, here's a quick disclaimer. All cards on the table here folks: I’m absolutely not an expert on astrology. What I know about the stars and planets has come from sites, besties and of course, Twitter. I used Cafe Astrology to plug Holloway's birth date info and get accurate readings.

So let’s get into it, shall we?

Leo Sun

If you want a more detailed crash course of what sun, moon and rising placements are, you can check out this article for more details. Sun signs are the most basic astrological signs that almost everyone knows about themselves — when someone asks for your sign on a date, this is the placement they’re referring to. 

Leos are proud fire signs. They're can be self-centered and have a strange desire to want to change the world, which I would think is a good trait to have for someone that’s responsible for operating a school with tens of thousands of students. Many Leos have a reputation for being hard-working, and they really vibe with authority. They may be prideful, but they are usually open and frank.

In comparison with Barchi’s sun sign, Sagittarius — the only big three placement of our former president that we do know — Leos have a more fixed passion than their fire sign counterparts. 

(Quick side note: As a Sagittarius myself, I can easily say that Sagittarius men terrify me. Once a guy that was interested in me gave me banana bread and then criticized me for the way I ate it. Um?! Guess the sign.)

Aries Moon 

Moon placements represent your emotions and inner mood, which is a pretty cool way of understanding how you process your feelings. It's also the sign that a lot of your close friends may see you as.

I just want to say that I totally called this one. Holloway has BIG Aries moon energy (again, if you know you just kind of know). 

Aries moons are impatient and possess a lot of heat, and this fire moon definitely reinforces his fire sun. They're hard-headed and all about doing and action. They may be quick to take things personally, yikes, according to the gods of Cafe Astrology. But they are also super independent and unafraid of confrontation.

Scorpio Rising 

Your rising/ascendant sign is perhaps the most important part of your chart, as it’s the sign that your entire birth chart is constructed around. It represents the sign that was “rising over the horizon” when you were born, and that’s why the specific time you’re born matters so much. It reveals the way you present and respond to the world around you. 

Holloway is a Scorpio rising, which means far more than the fact that he can literally relate to this Soccer Mommy song on a spiritual level while the rest of us have to make do with pretending (Anybody else cry in the car screaming that we're all just a victim of shifting planets? Just me? Okay).

Those with Scorpio rising placements are hard to ignore, and you either love or hate them, there’s really no in between. They’re people that just have a presence, period. If you’ve been on a call with Holloway, I think you’d agree he definitely matches this description. Scorpio risings mixed with Leo suns make for an interesting combination, as they "have a deep need to understand the world" they live in.

Scorpio Mars 

To be honest, this is the part that I’m most interested in because this placement tells us how you assert yourself, says Vice. “Knowing someone’s Mars sign can tell you how they fight and what they fight for,” according to the article. Pretty good info to know about if you’re leading an entire university! 

Scorpio mars are described as calculating and tactful. They like to plan before they make any sort of commitment, another quality that would be useful in a president. People with this placement rely on intuition and psychic senses to guide them, according to the article. Would not be surprised if Mr. Holloway had CoStar downloaded on his phone. Don't let the push notifications get you in your bag, sir!

Bottom line: A LOT of Scorpio energy here y'all. 

Cancer Mercury 

And what does Mercury represent? Communication! Holloway is a Cancer Mercury, which means he communicates with feeling. I hope so!

Holloway also has a great memory, is full of insight and is quick to pick up moods and emotions, according to Café Astrology. Bet. Let's remember that, dear students, the next time we all get super pressed about something (cough cough, tuition, cough cough).

Major conclusions?

There are a bunch of other planets you can take a look at that I didn't have space to get into. We truly won’t know Holloway’s true colors until there are more University decisions to be made, and as much as I love astrology, do take these insights with a grain of salt.

I’d like to think that most people who are into astrology recognize that we are all connected in various ways, and it truly isn’t a coincidence how and when we are born (yeah, you've definitely had this conversation with your roommate with the cool tapestry on her walls, but whatever, it's nice to hear).

Holloway is someone that students, professors and campus leaders alike are going to have to work with to create a safe and inclusive Rutgers community. We’re looking to him to properly reopen campus without risking the lives of our peers or our instructors, do better to our PTLs and kindly not raise our tuition in a pandemic.

And yes, we’ll still hold him accountable to do his job because he’s being paid a hefty sum to do just that — but at least we’ll know that if he snakes us out, maybe there was some Gemini energy that we missed. 

Now that I’ve given you the cosmic tea, do what you will with it! And at the very least, wish him a happy birthday, since we all know his birth date now.

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