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Orion Sun provides beautiful escape in newest album

Orion Sun is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey who has recently released her latest album. She has ben working on new music during quarantine.  – Photo by Cloudgem/ Instagram

Orion Sun has become one of the most admirable figures in alternative music today. The Jersey-born, Philly-based singer and producer effortlessly fuses her influences to create music that is both nostalgic and refreshing.

Her latest album, "A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams," is an excellent introduction to her sound as an artist. Her sparse production style and heavy focus on lyrics and atmosphere make her a unique figure to study and learn from. 

One of Orion Sun’s greatest strengths is her vulnerability in her songwriting and vocal delivery. She can easily span different topics, and she isn't afraid to be incredibly honest while writing. In an age where lying has become the new normal in music, having someone authentically be themselves is a rare and important sight. She envelops her personal history within her songs, but it never feels like she’s being preachy to you. 

"Antidote," the lead single from her debut album, tells the story of a summer fling with freedom being the main focus. The drums and outer-space imagery help propel the track forward and keep it interesting, while her voice feels warm and captivating as she lets you into her world. 

Lyrics like, “Let’s just stay inside my vehicle / I can drive wherever let’s go” is both inviting and resonating to the listener. Especially in the age of quarantine and a distinct lack of social interaction, her music provides a sense of escapism and adventure in the space of your own home.

"Betterrr (Live)" is a good change of pace in the tracklist, which features only an acoustic guitar and her voice. The vinyl crackle and the arpeggiated guitar chords are reminiscent of a Bob Dylan song with a warmer twist.

Most acoustic guitar songs walk a fine line between being boring and laid-back, but this song maintains this balance in its length and feel. A mix of acoustic and more well-produced tracks keep her album varied in its sound selection.

"Space Jam — An Odyssey" is one of her more experimental songs on the album, but it still maintains a clear sense of cohesion and uniformity. Most of her songs do not follow traditional songwriting rules, and the Wurlitzer introduction and ambient noise keep your attention long enough until the drums come in.

Lyrics like “You wear michael jordans / I can’t afford them” are both beautiful and poignant, and she is able to reveal a lot about herself with surprisingly little effort. The second half of this song is completely different from the first half, but it still feels like one complete moment. It's a testament to her creativity as an artist and her ability to create complete ideas. 

Her beat selection among the album is eclectic and clever, and her songs have a unique quality of feeling like they are shifting under your feet. They are interesting but not overpowering where it feels as though her message is being diluted.

Chords tend to sweep in and out of her songs, and harmonies pop in to accent certain phrases. Hints of bossa nova and classic jazz are a clear inspiration for her, while artists like Frank Ocean and Lauryn Hill have provided a blueprint to follow for making beautiful story-based music. 

Orion Sun’s music is definitely resonating with people, as "Antidote" has more than 12 million streams on Spotify. Opening for Daniel Caesar has made her more of a prominent force, and her lyrics feel like she is narrating moments inside your head.

Her producing style and vocal delivery throughout her album make her a unique and memorable artist to listen to, and she feels very organized both sonically and stylistically. She is both a beautiful product of the internet age and an inspiration for people who emphasize the importance of lyrics and atmosphere. 

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