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Last minute DIY couples costumes!

Couples costumes are the perfect way to celebrate Halloween! If your boo is also in your quarantine circle, matching costumes can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday.  – Photo by Pixabay

Halloween is here and of course, that means couples costumes and last minute scrambling for do it yourself (DIY) looks. Couples costumes are a great way to be creative and take pictures with your partner while showing your personality.

Whether you’re going to a socially-distanced bar or celebrating with friends over a punch bowl or virtually, there’s no reason to skip the matching costumes. Dressing up individually can be fun, but let’s look at some cute, last-minute couples costume ideas. This one is for the non-planners out there like me.

Here are some festive ideas for you and your boo.


This costume will make you and your partner long for the sunshine and ocean waves. All you need for this sexy costume is red or white shorts – try red Nike pros or white jean shorts and a red or white shirt.

You can also wear a red one-piece bathing suit and a red scrunchie in your hair depending on what's in your closet. For men, try red swim trunks and a white or red tank top. Complete the cute beach babe look with white Converse or red flip flops that you have at home.

As for accessories, all you'll need are a whistle, nylon lanyard and red high socks. To add some authenticity, wear a red guard visor or baseball cap and add sunglasses and sunscreen streaks under your eyes, which can be done with makeup.

Lifeguard fanny packs are available for between $5-$10 and also make this costume extra special.

80’s Workout Buddies

This couples costume works well for anyone who has workout gear lying around. I recommend wearing leggings, a one-piece bathing suit or bodysuit over them and a headband to complete the look.

Throw an off-the-shoulder cropped t-shirt over it to perfect the 80’s fit. Wear neon sneakers and high socks that you have lying around. Try sweatpants or hoop earrings for something extra and add a funky scrunchie. A tank top, headband, high socks and short shorts are perfect also.

Ski and Snow Couple

Next is perhaps my favorite DIY Halloween costume! All you need is your favorite sports bra or t-shirt and leggings. Add a beanie, ear muffs or head warmer, then pair the look with high socks and boots or sneakers.

Last, borrow a pair of ski or snowboard goggles from a friend or get them from winter storage if you’re a snow bunny. To complete the look, wear your favorite jacket or coat. Bright colors are a total plus.

Boxing Babes

This easy, DIY costume is great for the athletic couple who hasn’t missed the gym during quarantine! This costume works best if you kickbox and have boxing gloves lying around, but even if you don’t, black gloves work just fine.

All you need are a pair of spandex, shorts, a sports bra and a black, red or pink robe. The robe and black or red basketball shorts work great for men’s costumes as well. Added bonus if you add bruises with makeup and braid your or your partner’s hair.

Bugs Bunny and Lola Basketball Players

This trendy costume is cute and easy to throw together. All you need for this Space Jam Looney Tunes look is a white headband and cardboard or felt to make DIY bunny ears.

For less than $20, you can purchase a Space Jam basketball jersey to complete the look. Any white shorts or sports jersey will work along with bunny whiskers drawn on with makeup and white gloves.

Add a white sweatband and bring a basketball to sell the look. Clip-on bunny tails and basketball shorts are easy to throw together at the last minute! A white skirt and white tall socks work great for couples with fitness gear lying around.

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