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Kaash Paige's melodic album 'Teenage Fever' perfect for drives

Kaash Paige, an American singer-songwriter from Texas. Her latest album was just released after teasing songs on social media.  – Photo by Twitter / @KAASHMYCHECKS

Kaash Paige released her debut album “Teenage Fever” last month and it is a huge vibe. 

The 19-year-old, up-and-coming rhythm-and-blues artist from Dallas, Texas, made a name for herself after her 2019 extended play, “Parked Car Convos,” which featured her most popular single, “Love Songs.” She performed at the biggest rap music festival, Rolling Loud, and made it onto Don Toliver’s most recent album, “Heaven or Hell.”

As a teenager stepping into the music industry, Paige speaks on relationships, fame and the loss of innocence on her new album. She does so melodically with ethereal beats that produce a dreamlike effect, sticking to her brand of creating a vibe for parked car conversations and late-night drives.

Paige first teased the song “FRIENDS” from her new album in an Instagram post on  March 15. The quick snippet of the track heightened the anticipation of her long-awaited first studio album, and the comment section was hype, to say the least.

Her first single from the new album, “Jaded,” was released back in June of this year. This track is all about navigating a new relationship, trying to figure out each other’s intentions. Paige delivers this experience in a story-telling fashion, embodying her emotions beautifully. 

“London,” the introduction to “Teenage Fever,” is arguably the best song on the album. This track, created with the help of producer Mike Hector, is all about having fun with your friends and getting drunk on a summer night. Paige is clearly enjoying the lifestyle she has created with her success, and she has every reason to celebrate.

“Teenage Fever” has a few notable features which contribute to the vision for the album: Toliver, 42 Dugg and Isaiah Rashad. In an interview, she named Rashad, who is featured on the track “Problems,” as her favorite rapper and her inspiration. In my opinion, this is one of the best songs on the album, and Rashad’s feature is immaculate.

Even though Paige is new in the industry herself, she made way for a brand new artist on her album. Artist ssgkobe is featured on the fourth track, “Soul Ties.” Opening the doors to the music industry for him, on an album with a huge name like Toliver, is incredibly gracious and shows her ability to work with different artists.

A common theme throughout the album is Paige's rise to fame. With this fame comes distrust in her relationships, as she found that her friends and family felt entitled to her success and everything she now has. She speaks on this in a few songs, including “Fake Love” and “SOS.”

“Leaching off my energy / We was friends but now we’re enemies / Now we're coming to an end of negativity / And let’s not pretend you kept it real with me,” she said on “Fake Love.” 

The second to last track, “Mrs. Lonely,” is beautifully heartbreaking. She sings about broken trust and feeling alone in her new world while letting listeners know they’re not alone. It makes you think about how young she is and the struggles of breaking into a cutthroat industry. 

Paige didn’t do anything out of the ordinary on “Teenage Fever.” She didn’t experiment with a new sound, her lyrics weren’t incredibly groundbreaking and she didn’t flip the industry upside down. With that being said, she did deliver an incredibly beautiful album with her trademark sound that her fans know and love.

There truly isn’t one song on the album that doesn’t have replay value. Looking back at our teenage years, I think everyone can feel her emotions and identify with her stories. Relatability is a huge reason for the success of “Teenage Fever."

Paige, whose stage name stands for "Kill All Arrogance, Stop Hatred," said she wishes to release another album by November of this year, and I am excited to see what it entails.

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