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Justin Bieber, Crocs collab just in time for lazy fit fall

Justin Bieber has collaborated with Crocs, in an unexpected collaboration that we didn't even know we needed.  – Photo by

The resurgence and popularity of Crocs in the last few years prove that not all trends die out. Crocs' tumultuous rise and fall in popularity is a testament to the power of branding.

Justin Bieber’s latest collaboration with Crocs has put both brands in the national spotlight, and while it's a surprising collaboration to some, brands and celebrity endorsements highlight the importance of influence in a social-media powered world. Crocs' recent business ventures have become a guideline for brands wishing to expand its influence beyond the fashion market.

The shoe itself is a yellow rubber clog with eight custom Jibbitz to customize the shoe with. It retails for $59.99 and has been on sale since Oct. 13 but is currently sold out. Recent reviews highlight the versatility of the shoe, while the color palette matches with Bieber’s clothing line Drew House. Most celebrity collaborations with Crocs are similarly priced, so the cost is reasonable compared to earlier releases of Crocs.

Artists collaborating with brands is nothing new, but this marks the first time these two brands have collaborated. Bieber has been relatively quiet since he married Hailey Bieber in 2018, so his announcement of a new collection will certainly delight his fans who have always supported him. He teased the announcement via a series of Instagram posts, which showed him wearing and eating a cake shaped like his shoe. 

Bieber's recent business ventures showcase his desire to become a more multifaceted artist. Having multiple streams of income is a must-have for artists in 2020, and Travis Scott’s recent McDonald’s collaboration proved artists cannot be boxed into a certain space.

Brand deals are an easy way to create publicity for an artist without having any controversy and drama. While Bieber has been a controversial figure in the past, his lack of bad publicity in the past few years makes him an excellent person to work with and highlight.

Crocs has seen a rise and fall in its popularity in recent years, but its recent business moves and collaborations with celebrities has caused its popularity to rise once again. Its recent glow-in-the-dark collaboration with Bad Bunny sold out in minutes.

Pharrell frequently posts his appreciation for his custom neon yellow pair, and celebrities like Ariana Grande and Whoopi Goldberg wear them in public. This free publicity keeps Crocs in the public eye and allows it to constantly shift and expand its brand.

While Crocs is not engrained into the American consciousness the way McDonald’s or Nike is, it has its own definition and unique style. Crocs are unique in how instantly recognizable they are, and their sense of comfortability is at a point where they can be worn both inside and outside.

This sense of comfort makes Crocs different than most shoes, and the ease of use and camaraderie between fellow Crocs users make them both a meme and a staple in the current culture. 

Other brands should definitely take notes on how to reinvent themselves from Crocs. Its transition from an ugly shoe to a must-have item with high-profile celebrity collaborations is proof that anyone can recreate their image given the time and resources. Its newest release with Bieber is a good investment for his fans and an interesting case study on the importance of relevance and rebranding.

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