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In honor of 'Positions' we're ranking Ariana Grande's best albums

Ariana Grande is the former "Victorious" star turned pop sensation, and she has recently announced her latest album "Positions."  – Photo by Wikimedia

Ariana Grande just announced her newest album, "Positions," set to come out next month, and it’s just the good news we needed. 

As a huge Grande fan since 2012 — I even met her in 2013! — I’ve been listening to Grande since her "Victorious" days. In preparation for her sixth album, I’ve ranked her discography, saving the best for last.

This was no easy feat, but I decided to rank the albums based on which ones have the best songs. The less skips, the better. 

5. Yours Truly (2013)

Grande’s debut album will forever remind me of middle school, circle skirts and hair bows. For 2013, the theatrical pop album was perfect. Songs like “Tattooed Heart” and “Honeymoon Avenue” are some of Grande's best work to date. But, some songs like “Popular Song” and “Daydreamin’” are just too bubblegum pop. Not to mention “Always Is Never Enough,” which I always skip.

4. My Everything (2014)

This album is a mash-up of high energy pop and some stunning ballads. “Intro” has always been a favorite of mine, along with “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart,” written by Harry Styles —imagine if they covered it together!

But, songs like “Problem” and “One Last Time” were so played out in 2014 that I’m still sick of them, six years later. This album is great, but there’s too much of a contrast between styles, so it doesn’t flow very well. 

3. Sweetener (2018)

Sweetener was the beginning of Grande's newest era. In this album, she perfected her style, sound and flow. “raindrops” is an iconic opener — especially if you attended the Sweetener tour — and “goodnight n go” is one of my favorite Grande songs of all time.

Although broken up, I absolutely love “pete davidson,” and “R.E.M.” makes an appearance on all of my chill playlists. This album’s ranked lower because there are a lot of skips: “blazed,” “borderline” and “No Tears Left to Cry.”

2. Dangerous Woman (2016)

"Dangerous Woman" features Grande’s best vocals throughout. This was her first album post-bubblegum pop, and she gracefully transitioned into a more mature and personal style/ sound.

It flows beautifully with a consistent mood throughout, and there is not a single bad song on this album. “Moonlight” is one of my favorites, reminiscent of songs like “Honeymoon Avenue,” with an old-school style that Grande pulls off so well. Songs like “Greedy,” “Touch It” and “Dangerous Woman” show off her impressive range in her inimitable style. This album is truly a masterpiece.

1. thank u, next (2019)

"thank u, next" is easily Grande's most iconic album and for good reason. Released as a surprise during her Sweetener tour, “thank u, next” was named after a shady tweet aimed at ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson.

This album is the perfect post-breakup playlist because it’s full of bops that make you feel confident. If you say you’ve never related to “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored,” you’re lying to yourself.

"thank u, next" is about getting over a breakup, finding yourself and coming out on top. With vulnerable moments like “needy,” “fake smile” and “in my head,” Grande simultaneously opens up and reclaims her power. Every song on this album, done in Grande's now signature style, goes hard. Zero skips. 

With her newest album right around the corner, I have both high hopes and high expectations. Going off of the teaser she released for the first single, it’s going to be beautiful. I'm so excited!

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