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Halloween movie recommendations: Horror edition

"Hereditary" and "Midsommar" are two films directed by Ari Aster that are sure to put you in the Halloween spirit.   – Photo by Twitter

Break out your favorite cozy blanket and grab that fresh kettle corn from your local farm — it’s horror movie marathon time, witches!

With spooky season lurking right around the corner, horror movies will reach their peak potential as people start to crave the adrenaline rush of being scared 24/7 again. 

While classic horror movies will always be a go-to, it’s time to make room for some stellar newbies that are just waiting to jump-scare the spooky right out of you.


A little disclaimer: "Midsommar" may be the most bizarre movie you will ever watch in your life. Florence Pugh’s phenomenal performance puts the “horror“ in horror movie as her character gets caught in a surreal Swedish midsummer festival gone wrong.

The entire film centers around Pugh’s character, Dani, as she learns to navigate the tragic aftermath of her family’s death. She becomes extremely dependent on her egotistical boyfriend and follows him and a group of friends to Sweden for a research project. Once they finally reach the isolated village that they will study, strange things start to happen to each of her friends.

From drugged-up tea parties to May Queen dance festivals, you won’t be able to peel your horror-struck eyes away from this incredibly disturbing yet captivating film.


Another A24 film that is sure to deliver is director Ari Aster's film "Hereditary" — the chilling story of a family who is haunted by their grandmother’s troubled past. Aster is the same person who directed "Midsommar," so you know this film is likely to be just as disturbing.

The story follows a mother learning to cope with the death of a parent as she slowly begins to feel a sinister presence in the house. Tragedy strikes with another unforeseen death (which is very graphic) and that same sinister presence is triggered within the mother.

Once you’ve finally made it past all the gory and graphic details, you will finish this film feeling absolutely confused and speechless. The ending is so unpredictable that you will most likely be thinking, “What the hell did I just watch?" over and over again inside your head. 

"I See You"

Leaning more toward the category of psychological thriller, "I See You" is the perfect blend of suspense, mystery and horror all in one.

After an affair leaves a perfect, cookie-cutter family in shambles, they become too caught up in their failing relationship to realize what is lurking right around the corner. Suddenly their belongings start to become misplaced — the TV randomly turns on and off, and their son can even hear footsteps in the house at night.

The best part about this film is that it will have you pretty confident that you can guess where the ending is going until about halfway through, when a plot twist comes out of nowhere. Watch with caution, because once this movie is over you will never feel safe in your own house again and start to doubt whether anyone in your close circle can ever be trusted.

"As Above, So Below"

Don’t let the terrible Rotten Tomatoes reviews scare you — this movie is a hidden gem in the goldmine of horror movies. I don’t know what it is about documentary-style movies that add an extra element of terror, but this film will leave you with goosebumps and chills running down your spine for the entire 1 hour and 40 minutes.

A group of archaeologists are seeking an ancient artifact with a legendary prophecy. They break into the sacred Catacombs of Paris and film their descent among the supernatural beings of the underground that slowly start to make themselves known.

One by one, members of the group start to mysteriously go missing as they get closer to the artifact. No one knows who will be next as they continue their reckless trek down into the unknown. 

Another quick disclaimer: This movie is chock full of jump scares so make sure to watch with a group of friends, and be prepared to scream!

"The Lodge"

This film is far from your average "The Cabin in the Woods" cliché, so don’t expect any zombies or corpses ready to slash their helpless victims anytime soon. Instead, get ready for a psychological plot twist that will leave you seriously disturbed and perplexed.

When an ex-cult member who is learning to cope with her abusive past gets engaged to a widowed father of two, you better believe things are about to get sinister real quick. The kids despise her immediately and start to play cruel pranks while their father is away on a business trip.

Once the pranks start to cross the line, the kids realize it’s too late to undo the damage that they triggered within their stepmom-to-be. With scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat and gory details that will have you utterly disturbed, this movie will make a great addition to the ultimate horror movie list!

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