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Horoscopes for your pandemic semester

What does the Fall 2020 semester have in store for you based on your zodiac sign? Between new challenges and opportunities, everyone's horoscope has some insight to offer.  – Photo by The Daily Targum

Nobody knows what the semester will look like. Between Twitter newsflashes and life-altering changes flowing in by the minute, our fates are anything but sealed. 

We, as a society, are at a pivotal moment of global change. We, as college students, are also at a pivotal moment of personal growth and exploration. Navigating uncharted waters, we dust off our books and gel pens, toss them to the side and prepare our desktops for our mid-lecture snacks heading into another semester at Rutgers.

Despite the uncertainty from politicians and paper, we can look somewhere else for inspiration: the stars. Maybe between the cosmos and the textbooks, we can predict what your next semester will look like:


Be careful this semester, Aries. Your fiery personality may be hard to understand without in-person classes and experiences. You are strong-willed, proud and competitive — traits that make you a formidable student and an exciting friend. 

Remember to take a breather from time to time and remind yourself of your passion: Once you set your mind and heart to anything, you can accomplish everything. 


You got your wish! You get to work that strong academic hustle without leaving the little bubble you call your own. But, like any bubble, the more you try to fit into it, the more likely you are to pop it.

To balance your "work hard, play hard" attitude, you’re going to have to use your least favorite ‘C’ word: change. Take time to create separate spaces for all those beautiful deep emotions to unfold unbothered, whether it be a FaceTime corner or a study routine in the front yard. Come on, we all know this is just another challenge you’re gonna crush.


You are definitely going to get way too cramped on Zoom University. Your bright personality, colorful humor and fun attitude may rub some people the wrong way or simply won’t fit into the confines of a digital space. But fear not! You may be larger than life, but your adaptability will come in handy this semester. Remember to apply yourself to the new digital opportunities at hand!


Try not to take things too personally this year — if your professor doesn’t email you back, just remember they’re probably just as busy, if not busier than you are. Without that constant rotation of faces or places to charge your battery, you may feel the need to recoil into your bubble and become more self-critical than usual. 

Remember to treat yourself with the same kindness you treat your closest friends and family, and don’t be afraid to make new friends! Anyone would be lucky to rely on someone like you. 


This semester is yours, baby! Your fiery nature and self-assuredness will make you an easy person to ask for notes or even for a socially distanced coffee date. You will easily beam off of every discussion board post, essay or even math equation. 

Be wary of fake friends, and don’t forget to let some of the other students get a chance to talk!


Everyone knows Virgos are the most intellectual of the Zodiac! Your inquisition and love for knowledge will make studying from home a breeze. You’ll totally make for a great online tutor. 

Although you will definitely thrive academically, your natural modesty and shyness might make it hard to make friends online. Remember to put yourself out there, and you’ll make friends fast! 


Your patience will truly be a virtue this semester, Leebs! It may be tricky for you to fulfill your natural tendency for a really fun social life, but it's still possible to keep in touch with friends and make new ones. 

Try calling your friends often, sending your professors emails and connecting with your classmates digitally! You may be able to make more long-lasting friendships than you think. 


Is there anything you can’t control with ease? Managing your competitive professional personality and your intellectual scholastic drive has never been easier. You now have your whole world at your fingertips, so is anything really impossible?

The mental switch you flip to toggle between public Scorpie and private Scorpie is your most powerful asset. Now that your location won’t determine its direction, make an effort to remind yourself to flip it back to private and carve out a little time in your fine-tuned plan to allow yourself to emote and breathe. Now, go off and rule the world!


Oh Sag, with your inherent desire for travel, you may find it unbearable to sit in front of a screen for most of your time. But, if there’s one thing you can do, it’s finding adventure in the strangest places. 

Perhaps you will satisfy your unceasing wanderlust in ways you never imagined: try getting lost in a new club, language or anything you’ve never tried before. Ultimately, your tendency to be an optimist will help curb your appetite for travel. 


Online school? Please. You’ve got this in the bag! You’re hard-working no matter what situation comes your way. 

Remember to take breaks often and remind yourself not to take yourself too seriously. Schoolwork is important, but check in on yourself and loved ones — this semester is rough for everyone! You may find your soulmate this semester, Cap, just remember to let yourself go a little bit!


Ok, first of all, stop levitating and take a seat. I know it’s your thing, but constant movement is going to be hard to pull off without a class schedule that demands 17 bus rides, four trains and a hot air balloon. 

Allow your soul to soar around the digital world, let your strong intuition guide the natural adventurer in you and explore new communities. These are all just opportunities to find more faces and stories that wouldn't have normally been on your hectic social radar. This is your domain, Aqua, dive in! Rest easy knowing that everyone in your zoom class will be forced to listen to you every time you talk. 


Your creativity can shine through any situation, even if the situation is an annoyingly long Zoom meeting that could’ve easily been relayed through an email blast. Trust this creativity to guide you this semester. 

If you do get frustrated with remote learning at some points — which is inevitable — just try to express yourself through your art. You’ve got this! This semester can totally be yours. 

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