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Reunions we didn't know we needed right now

The Big Time Rush boyband recently reunited on social media, and many fans of the boy band and comedy series were excited.  – Photo by Wikimedia

With everyone participating in social distancing right now, with not much to do and in search of a distraction, there's never been a better time for a reunion of some of our old favorites. These reunions gave me a huge kick of nostalgia and brought me back to simpler times. As the world gets more complicated each day, I think the main point of all these long-awaited reunions is to make people feel a little better and remind them to stay safe, healthy and stay at home.

"High School Musical" reunion

The "High School Musical" cast recently reunited at a virtual event held for viewers at home. It first started when Ashley Tisdale, who plays Sharpay Evans in the movie, posted a TikTok of her doing the dance for the classic "We're All In This Together." Some of her castmates joined in and the prospect generated so much hype online that we never could've predicted how much buzz a real reunion would get.

The main cast reunited on "The Disney Family Singalong" hosted by ABC. They were introduced by Zac Efron and featured director Kenny Ortega along with Vanessa Hudgens, Tisdale, Monique Coleman, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel and more. Some other Disney casts were there like the members of "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" and "Descendants."

Honestly nothing could make me feel the nostalgia "High School Musical" can, even all the way in 2020.

Big Time Rush

Do you remember Big Time Rush, the band from Nickelodeon that made all of our childhoods brighter? How could you not? The boys reunited on video call recently and told fans to stay safe and healthy right now. Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Carlos PenaVega were all there and even included their bop "Windows Down" as the background music.

But the best part is when they said there's a lot to look forward to once this is over. I think this means that there might be a reunion tour or track in the future, and I can't wait. I feel like this is one of the reunions that has definitely warmed my heart and made me miss 2010.

5 Seconds of Summer

The Australian band never disbanded of course, but it is feeding fans all the content during this time. They have been on multiple livestreams together, breaking down their new album "CALM." One of their biggest segments was called "Spilling the Quarantea," and was a 40-minute chat of them just being themselves.

One of the best "virtual" reunions is in the form of the music video for their new single "Wildflower." All of the members used green screens, and with the help of editing, managed to make a psychedelic, fun video starring all of them, from the comfort of their homes.

Do we deserve them? No.

Miley Cyrus feat Disney Channel

Cyrus's Instagram live show called "Bright Minded" has brought together some Disney favorites. She spoke to Demi Lovato about their Disney days and Selena Gomez about mental health and self-care, their conversations consisting of many compliments and each of them being grateful to reconnect.

The best one for me was when she reached out to "Hannah Montana" co-star Emily Osment, who played Lilly Truscott. They talked about their dogs and reminisced over old photographs from filming the show years ago. That hit me straight in the heart and I still haven't recovered.

Possible One Direction reunion?

Okay, here we go. This is probably the most special to me, but of course everything's still up in the air right now. One Direction has been a part of many of our lives, but this year is the boy band's 10th anniversary and fans have been waiting for something special.

Recently, Liam Payne of the band announced that the group has been speaking more over FaceTime and even discussed how they have a WhatsApp group chat, which basically made Twitter combust. The other members were asked about a possible Zoom reunion, but Liam specifically said they want to do something special and have something in the works.

Of course he mentioned that it's not the band getting back together, but I'm just hoping for something. A song, a video call or an unreleased music video, I will literally take anything at this point. It would be enough for me to see them in the same room, or rather FaceTime call, again.

In terms of if this is a good or bad thing, I'd say why not have a bunch of exciting reunions? Everyone could use some happiness right now, especially when most of the people reuniting are reminding us all to stay safe and take care of ourselves. I think these have all been anticipated moments we've gotten to experience with the rest of the internet, and I hope that we get more nostalgic reunions as the weeks pass by.

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