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Finals tips during quarantine

Managing finals during a global pandemic can be very difficult, but filling out study guides and creating quizlets can help combat this.  – Photo by Photo by Pxhere | The Daily Targum

With finals approaching, many of us are feeling the pressure. The current challenges being presented to us are not only new to students, but also all of society. Remote learning has been something to adjust to, but finals are quickly approaching, and people do not know how to handle it.

It's no secret that we've all been slacking off and getting assignments done just to check boxes off on our to-do lists. The learning experiences of school have most likely taken the passenger seat to the one and only, Google. With this in mind, how do we handle these remote finals? Here's some tips to guide you through this quite interesting experience.

Set a designated study time.

Some of our biological clocks may be broken during this quarantine, making for absolutely no sense of time of day. This is completely understandable, but when preparing for finals it will be extremely helpful to set a designated time to study. A tip I have for you while selecting your study time is to "know yourself." Some people focus better in the morning and some focus better midday soaking up the sunshine, while others are night owls. This is important to keep in mind while choosing a time to study.

Find somewhere quiet to study.

If you're living alone during this quarantine finding a quiet spot might be a little easier. Most college students, though, have gone home to their family homes, which can lead to distracted study hours. When studying needs to get done, I recommend warning your family and locating a quiet and peaceful place in the house (or outside). This can be your bedroom, a basement, an office or any space you can make the most comfortable.

Create or fill out a study guide.

Always check to see if the professor has created and shared a study guide. If you have a professor that so kindly gives you a study guide, fill it out! Not only fill it out, but also study it and rewrite it and learn it all to the best of your ability. If your professor was not so kind to give out a study guide, make one. Use material covered over the semester and previous exams to learn as much valuable information as possible for the final. Trust me, study guides are integral when it comes finals time.


Make a Quizlet. This might be the most important thing I have to offer you. Create a free account and utilize it. Quizlet allows you to enter terms with a definition and study them in various formats including matching, practice tests, flashcards and more interactive studying techniques. The "learn" feature forces you to engrain the terms into your brain and keeps track of your progress for you. This tool will not let you down if you give it a proper chance.

Give yourself breaks and rewards.

First of all, you want to give yourself enough time to effectively study before the exam. People may pass exams cramming at the last minute, but no one enjoys cramming, and the information usually doesn't stick. Cramming may be so unenjoyable because there is not enough time for breaks and rewards.

To effectively study you must slot in time for breaks, even if it's a 15-minute lunch break. For example, for every hour you study, give yourself a 20-minute break and grab your favorite snack or give your mind a rest. This idea of breaks and rewards gives you a more enjoyable and engaging experience studying. No college student's brain can retain hours and hours of straight information. Giving your brain time to rest, and relaxing your mind with small rewards will be sure to pay off while studying for your finals.

The difficult times we are facing have made it hard to concentrate on school and finals approaching. Now that I've given my best studying tips, put your finals plan in action and start by designating a study time and place. If these tips are followed, along with focus and determination, A's are bound to be received and celebrations are bound to be had.

Enjoy your final-exam experiences and, most importantly, CREATE A QUIZLET!

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