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'The Betchelor' podcast can be your newest social distancing distraction

"The Betchelor" is a podcast hosted by Derek Peth and Kar Brown, about "The Bachelor" TV franchise. The hosts make light of the show, among discussing other topics.   – Photo by Facebook

As we’re in the middle of a challenging time, podcasts are a great way to escape your own mind and listen in on a discussion that sparks your interest and curiosity. There are a number of great podcasts that I listen to, but one that I’ve been following religiously — I have no shame — is “The Betchelor” podcast, hosted by Derek Peth and Kay Brown. The podcast is based on “The Bachelor” franchise, and if you’re not well versed on the show here’s a rundown.

One man is set out to date 30 women, build connections with them in a two-month time period and, at the end, get down on one knee and propose to the women he loves and sees a future with — at least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Unfortunately, several seasons of “The Bachelor” and its female-equivalent “The Bachelorette” have not ended in engagements, but ugly fallouts and open-ended relationships. 

Both Peth and Brown are former contestants and heartthrobs of the show. Peth was a favorite on last year’s “Bachelor in Paradise,” a superior spinoff of the show where a group of former contestants play around on a beach, drink and attempt to date each other. Brown, formerly on “The Bachelorette,” currently runs Betches media, creating the name “The Betchelor.”

Peth and Brown have been running their podcast for several years now and basically give an hour-long rundown of every episode of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” shortly after it airs. They offer their unfiltered commentary on the drama that takes place within the mansion, the relationships the lead is juggling with the contestants and their predictions for the season.

Both Peth and Brown have infectious and comedic personalities and break down everything that happens within an episode, from all the crying to petty fights to the cringey group dates. They discuss all the meme-worthy moments and even have special guests that are well-known names in Bachelor Nation — people that have previously been on the show.

“The Bachelor” has only grown in popularity over the past couple years anp up with the times but also indulge in things that entertain you. So to all my Bachelor fans, feel free to check it out!

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