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Drake posts son Adonis for the first time, internet loses it

Canadian rapper Drake didn't tell fans about his son Adonis until after rapper Pusha T revealed Drake's secret in a diss track.  – Photo by Photo by Wikimedia | The Daily Targum

Drake broke the internet last week when he shared photos of his son, Adonis, for the first time in an Instagram post.

The 33-year-old Canadian rapper, born Aubrey Drake Graham, shared several photos of his son, his son’s mother Sophie Brussaux, who is 30 years old, and his own parents. The photo set came along with a heartfelt caption about using our time in quarantine to become a better person and shared that he is looking forward to reuniting with his family.

Brussaux also shared her own photos of their family in a post on her account.

This is the first time the world has seen Adonis since Pusha T revealed Drake’s secret son in his 2018 diss track, “The Story Of Adidon.” Drake stayed silent on the claims until he released his 2018 album, “Scorpion,” where he came clean about his son to the entire world.

“March 14” reflects on the moment he received the news that Adonis was his son. He tells the story of his relationship with Brussaux, hoping that they can mend their broken relationship and be good co-parents for their son. Drake also touches on his own absent father, reflecting on his life-long goal to be there for his child, but is now absent himself.

In another song on the album, “Emotionless,” Drake said, “I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world / I was hidin’ the world from my kid.” This line shows that Drake wasn’t keeping Adonis a secret because he was ashamed of his son, rather he didn’t want the pressures of fame and status to affect his baby the way it does to so many other child stars.

Drake may have made a point in wanting to hide the world from Adonis, as his first moments in the spotlight resulted in rude comments about his son's appearance from social media users. Adonis has fair skin, bright blue eyes and blonde curly hair. He clearly doesn’t look much like his dad just yet.

Immediately after Drake’s Instagram post, which now has more than 6.3 million likes, Twitter was filled with pictures of Adonis and everyone’s opinions on his looks. People posted memes about what they thought he was going to look like, compared him to Napoleon Dynamite and joked that there is no way Drake is really his father.

On the other hand, many Twitter users countered the trolls by comparing Adonis to Drake’s mom, proving that his fair skin and blonde curly hair came from Drake’s side after all. Many stood up for Adonis, recognizing the ridiculousness of adults bullying a child behind a keyboard. 

Some people also gave Twitter a refresher course in biology and punnett squares, reminding critics that, yes, a white woman and a Black man with a white mother can absolutely have a white baby. 

At the end of the day, the internet proved Drake’s point as many made fun of an innocent 2-year-old boy. Maybe he was right to hide the world from his kid after all.

This isn’t the first time people have been cruel to celebrities' children online. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 8-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, is constantly on the receiving end of criticism from grown adults on the internet. Every time a new picture of Blue Ivy is released, internet users are quick to judge her features, comparing her to her parents and making memes out of her.

True Thompson, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s 1-year-old daughter, is no exception to the pattern of cruelty online as she often receives criticism for the color of her skin.

People fail to realize that just because these kids have famous parents, it does not mean they are invincible. They are just kids. Imagine if you had a 2-year-old son or an 8-year-old daughter and all of your Facebook friends were bullying them online. It is hard enough to grow up in the spotlight, and facing constant undeserved criticism makes it even worse. Let’s all remember to be kind.

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