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Here are some of the celebrities who claim to have coronavirus

Colton Underwood, former NFL player and star of Season 23 of "The Bachelor" is one of the celebrities that took to social media to reveal that he tested positive for coronavirus.  – Photo by Twitter

Day by day, more celebrities have been testing positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Here are a few celebrities who've announced they contracted the virus, as of today:

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Actors Hanks and his wife, Wilson, were one of the first celebrities to announce that they tested positive for coronavirus. The pair, both 63 years old, took to Twitter on March 11 to tell the world they contracted the virus while filming a movie in Australia. On March 28, they tweeted that they returned safely to the United States and are self-isolating at their home. They’ve been encouraging everyone else to do the same with words like “We are all in this together. Flatten the curve. Hanx.”

Idris Elba

Idris Elba posted a video on his Twitter account on March 16 telling fans he tested positive for coronavirus and that he’s doing fine. He got the test done after coming in contact with someone who tested positive. The actor mentioned he wasn’t showing any symptoms, which led to some raised eyebrows about the ease with which he was able to acquire a test. A few days later, his wife Sabrina Elba also tested positive for the virus.

Kevin Durant

Although the Brooklyn Nets didn’t name the four players on the team that tested positive for coronavirus, NBA star Durant decided to tell reporters from The Athletic about his positive test result on March 17. Durant said he didn’t have any symptoms and encouraged fans to self-quarantine. “We’re going to get through this,” he said.

Daniel Dae Kim

On March 19, “Lost” actor Kim confirmed he tested positive for coronavirus. He had just returned home after filming in New York City stopped for the show “New Amsterdam” amid coronavirus concerns. Ironically, Kim’s role in the show was a doctor during a pandemic outbreak. When he got home to Hawaii, he tested positive for the virus and took to Instagram to announce it, and also strongly condemn racism toward the Asian community brought on by the virus. 

“Yes, I’m Asian and yes, I have coronavirus, but I didn't get it from China,” he said in the video, "I got it in America, in New York City.” After his initial post, he continued to keep followers updated throughout treatment. “This disease is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced,” he said.

Colton Underwood

Star of Season 23 of “The Bachelor” and former NFL player Underwood told his followers that he tested positive for coronavirus on March 20. In his Instagram post, he detailed some of his early symptoms, like shortness of breath and exhaustion and emphasized that he developed them despite being a young and healthy 28 year old. Underwood stressed that young, healthy people need to take the virus just as seriously as people who are old or immunocompromised. 

Andy Cohen

Cohen posted a statement on his Instagram account on March 20 saying that he tested positive for coronavirus and subsequently halted his late-night talk show, “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” to focus on getting better. He self-quarantined and on March 30, Cohen announced he felt better enough to restart his show. The host also expressed his thanks to all the health care professionals on the front lines fighting the virus.

Prince Charles

Buckingham Palace announced on March 25 that Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus. The 71-year-old heir to the British throne had mild symptoms and went into self-isolation at his home in Scotland. The queen “remains in good health” and that she is following proper social distancing guidelines while isolated in Windsor Castle, according to Buckingham Palace.

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