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Celebrities show their support for 2020 presidential candidates

Bernie Sanders attended Ariana Grande's concert in late November. Grande posted her support for the candidate shortly afterwards.  – Photo by Twitter

In lieu of the ongoing presidential race for the upcoming election in November, celebrities have taken it upon themselves to endorse certain candidates. After several of the Democrat candidates decided to drop out of the race in recent weeks, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the frontrunners for the Democrat Party are now down to former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). 

On the Republican side, President Donald J. Trump is running for re-election against former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, whose chances are close to none.

Many actors and musicians jump on board during election season to voice their political opinions and support candidates of their choice. Here is a list of celebs who have either endorsed a candidate or shown support for their views and policies. 

Halsey posted a passionate video to her Instagram formally endorsing Sanders, saying he fought for a variety of issues that have impacted her life such as women’s healthcare and reducing the cost of education. She first endorsed Sanders in 2016 and is re-endorsing him based on his devotion to improving conditions for the working class and fighting against marginalization and systems that prioritize the wealthy.

She said as a queer, multiracial woman who suffered from the lack of financial and medical assistance she needed growing up, Sanders would fight for her and everyone else who isn’t as privileged as she is.

Pop hitmaker Ariana Grande expressed gratitude when Sanders attended her show in November and gladly endorsed him, calling him “MY GUY.” She said that she and her team have worked to mobilize young people to vote and helped register more than 20,000 people for this upcoming election. Grande shared a smiley picture with Sanders on Twitter along with one of them embracing in a tight hug. Sanders, in turn, thanked Grande for being “such an outstanding advocate for social justice.”

Cher expressed her support for Biden on Twitter, who is known for her ungrammatical political statements. She wrote, “Joe’s Made Mistakes,like all of Us,but I Believe He Would Be Honest,Smart,'CIVIL'PRES.Who Doesn’t Have 2 Learn On The Job.” She fondly recounted meeting Biden a year ago and encouraged him to keep fighting.

Both Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, donated to Biden’s campaign, although Hanks himself hasn’t given a definitive statement on who would be the best fit for president. Hanks said he wants all the candidates to succeed and that “anybody can become president of the United States.”

Author of "Games of Thrones" George R. R. Martin also chimed in to back up Biden, saying Biden meets his requirements of being “someone who can beat Trump” and “someone who would actually be a good/great president.” He went on to approve his speech announcing his run and wished him well.

Biden is currently leading in the race, garnering more delegates than Sanders and wins in several states like Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho. The Democratic nominee will be selected at the Democratic National Convention in July and must win the majority of pledged delegates.

Trump, on the other hand, has practically no competition and will most likely be selected as the Republican nominee.

Not many household names have endorsed our current President, who was impeached last December on the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. While his supporters remain passionate and strong, most of Hollywood and the entertainment industry have expressed disdain for Trump and emphasized the fight for equality for all.

This election is one of the most crucial elections. While it’s good to take your cues from your favorite celebs, it is important to educate yourselves on each of the candidates and their policies on different economic and social issues, and go out and vote. 

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