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Rutgers among top target universities for Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs now uses artificial intelligence to hire and evaluate employment candidates.  – Photo by Wikimedia

Notable banks such as Goldman Sachs used to hire from a target list of universities, but nowadays, according to the HireVue digital interviewing platform, these companies use artificial intelligence to assess a broader range of candidates. Analysts are hired from a wider variety of institutions, one of which includes Rutgers, according to eFinancialCareers.

Despite the increasing use of digital resources, banks also attend university networking events which can be a measure of their interest for the students from that university. 

Every year, Goldman Sachs has an events calendar that includes which university networking rounds they will hold. According to the number of visits Goldman's recruiters have tabled this year, Rutgers has been visited nine times, possibly because it is close to New York City and is a feeder for Goldman's office in New Jersey.

Another added fact is that Harvey Schwartz, who was a candidate to be CEO of the company, graduated from Rutgers.

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