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Rutgers opens up four new meal swipeable locations this fall

 All of the new locations allow for students to use their meal swipes. The previous fall, Rutgers University Student Assembly planned on increasing meal-swipe options on campus.  – Photo by Dustin Niles

In an email sent to the Rutgers community on Monday evening, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Salvador Mena announced the opening of four new locations on campus, all accepting meal swipes. 

In November 2018, The Daily Targum reported that Rutgers Dining Services was hoping to increase the number of meal swipe options available to students the following fall. At a Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) meeting a month before, a representative from Rutgers Dining Services discussed plans to increase meal-swipe options on campus following a student question.

One of the new locations is Cafe West, located in the Academic Building on the College Avenue campus. Nick Emanuel, director of Operations for Rutgers Dining Services, said the new cafe will be similar to Kilmer’s Market on Livingston campus, where customers can order and customize sandwiches at a kiosk.  

Another new location is the Three Chillies Taco Truck, which will function similarly to the Starbucks truck and Knight Wagon, serving students on a different campus each day. It will serve a “diverse” taco menu.

The third new location is the Harvest Juice Bar, located in the Busch Student Center. Previously, Harvest was only located in the New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health on Cook campus. The restaurant's concept, which is to "eat well, live well," means that meals are created from scratch and focus on whole, minimally processed food, according to its website.

The final location is the return of Woody's Cafe at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School on Busch campus, which closed last summer. 

Cafe West is also convenient for the large number of students living at the Yard and Honors College, Emanuel said.

“With the addition of students living on College Ave via the Yard and the Honors College, the current options for many students with meal swipes are limited to Brower Commons and the Knight Wagon/Starbucks Truck (sic). This option also provides some convenience for students who live in close proximity to the new cafe,” he said in an email.

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