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Rutgers students can now order food online for pick up with RUExpress

Instead of waiting on line, students can now order online from select places to eat on campus. Once signed into their account, they can choose from items available at a given store and a designated pickup time. – Photo by

Students can now order food online and pick it up at various locations across campus that offer payment through RUExpress, thanks to a new Rutgers dining initiative that started this fall.

Ordering is available through the Rutgers Dining Services Places to Eat webpage, or through a new feature on the Rutgers app, said Nelson Gonzalez, assistant director of Marketing and Communications at Rutgers Dining Services. 

“We understand that, although our employees are working diligently to prepare orders as best they can, that there can be a wait at some of our locations,” he said. 

Places, such as the Cook Cafe, Kilmer’s Market, the Livingston Starbucks and the Douglass Cafe, among others, now offer online ordering for pickup, Gonzalez said. Payment is only available through RUExpress, and when students go to pick up their food they will see a red sign that reads "RUExpress Online Pickup" where they can go get their food from.

He also said that food prices for ordering online will be the same as the prices offered at the store, and that students can set a pickup time after placing their order, which should prevent additional waiting times.

At certain locations this week, representatives will be there to answer any questions that students have. On Thursday, a representative will be at the Douglass Student Center, and on Friday another one will be at the Livingston Student Center, Gonzalez said.

“With this initiative in place, we anticipate reducing the wait times both for customers ordering online and at the store,” he said. “Additionally, we can now implement a rewards program on this platform. The more that customers use Online Ordering with RUExpress, the more rewards that they could potentially receive.”

How the App Works: Placing the First Order 

Students can find available options for online ordering through the food tab on the Rutgers app. "Order Now: RUExpress Online," another section, lets users select from a list of cafes and stores.

From there, students will be prompted to log in with their NetIDs and asked for information including date of birth, a callback number and an email address.

Once signed in, students can select what they want and place their order. "Order My Usual" is also an option, which can be set up through the app.

Using the checkout tab on the right of the screen, students can place their orders and set a time for pickup out of a set of available options.  

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