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LETTER: Apology to the Rutgers Community

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To the Rutgers Community:

I sincerely, without reservation, apologize to my colleagues and the entire Rutgers community for the offensive items I shared on my personal Facebook account. My conduct was irresponsible, insensitive and inexcusable. I genuinely feel remorse for what I did. 

With all my heart, I disavow anti-Semitism as well as any other form of racism or bigotry. 

This incident does not reflect how I have conducted my professional career. I accept the fact that my conduct disrupted the fine reputation of Rutgers University. In recognition of the negative consequences of my actions, I have agreed to undertake anti-bias and cultural sensitivity training. 

I ask for forgiveness and the opportunity to correct the wrongs I have participated in. I realize it will take time and significant effort for me to regain the trust of the Rutgers community. However, I earnestly believe in my ability to achieve this goal through hard work and with the help of our community.


Michael Chikindas

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