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Rutgers students share what's on their RUcketlists

Many of the items on student RUcketlists are experiences they have yet to have including petting a pig on Cook farm and diving with the University Scuba Team. – Photo by Jeffrey Gomez

If you stopped by Hot Dog Day last year, it turns out you are one step closer to completing your <g><g>RUcket</g></g>list.

The word “Bucket List” comes from the English idiom to “kick the bucket.” The Rutgers-coined term, RUcketlist, on the other hand, is a record of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to finish before they graduate from Rutgers.

There is an official list on the major events and programs website.

The Office of Major Events and Programs at Rutgers provides opportunities for students to find community and make memories outside of the classroom. 

The official RUcketlist consists of events ranging from attending "Convocation & Carnivale" to contributing to the Before I Die Wall and grabbing a fat sandwich from RU Hungry.

Some RUcketlist items are event-based, like going to a Scarlet Knights football game or running in the "Big Chill," while others are broader, like petting a pig on Cook farm or taking a selfie with the Rutgers Scarlet Knight.

Joeseph Michalitsianos, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, said he wants to visit the Rutgers Gardens before he graduates. 

“I always hear people talking about the Gardens, and I have always wanted to experience that,” he said.

In his four years at Rutgers, Michalitsianos said that he has never been to the Gardens, which are located off of Route 1. 

“I feel like there are so many things students just never seem to get to do. I definitely want to get that done before we graduate,” he said.

John Macone is also a School of Arts and Sciences senior. He is graduating this semester but still has a few things on his RUcketlist.

“I want to dive with the Rutgers Scuba Team," he said. "I just want to. It’s what I want, and, to me, it would encapsulate my Rutgers' experience.”

Macone said he also wants to jump off the high dive at Werblin Pool and attempt the Grease Truck challenge before he leaves the school.

“And you know what? I have never been to Stuff Yer Face. I would really like to try a boli before I leave Rutgers,” he said.

Madison Quo is another School of Arts and Sciences senior. She explained how lucky Rutgers students are to have such a wide array of diversity on campus. 

She said this is very much personified in the food options off campus, particularly the array of culinary places on Easton Avenue. 

“I want to try new things,” Quo said. “I feel like I haven’t taken advantage of all of the different food around and all of the different places to eat.”

The RUcket list has gained popularity and now has an entire subreddit dedicated to it, with suggestions ranging from participating in "Dance Marathon" to walking all the way from Livingston campus to Douglass.

Some people simply have graduation on their RUcketlist. Manahil Ahmad, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, said, "I just want to get out of here as fast as I can."

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