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March Munchies: Eight elite restaurants remain following Sweet Sixteen

March Munchies is a single-elimination tournament between 32 restaurants in the Rutgers/New Brunswick area voted on by members of the community. It is inspired by the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament affectionately known as March Madness and runs through the entire month of March. – Photo by ​Mike Makmur

Another week, another round down in March Munchies, The Daily Targum’s version of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Tournament pitting the best restaurants in the Rutgers—New Brunswick area against each other. 

As the selection committee released their picks for the basketball version known as March Madness Sunday afternoon, we were a few short hours from closing the polls of our Sweet Sixteen round.

Here’s how things shook out:


No. 1 Stuff Yer Face 436 votes (370 Targum Poll + 66 Twitter) defeats No. 4 Fritz 165 (151 + 14)

No. 2 P.J’s Pizza 400 (360 + 40) defeats No. 3 Sanctuary 229 (195 + 34)

College Avenue

No. 1 RU Hungry? 321 (267 + 54) defeats No. 4 Krispy 187 (159 + 28)

No. 3 Wings Over 308 (258 + 50) defeats No. 2 Daniel’s Pizza 134 (111 + 23)


No. 1 Tacoria 278 (229 + 49) defeats No. 5 Brother Jimmy’s 180 (150 + 30)

No. 2 Destination Dogs 220 (187 + 33) defeats No. 3 Olive Branch 144 (106 + 38)


No. 1 Hansel & Griddle 403 (331 + 72) defeats No. 4 KBG 216 (208 + 8)

No. 2 Diesel & Duke 234 (207 + 37) defeats No. 3 Honeygrow 210 (163 + 47)

The Sweet Sixteen, which served as the second round of the competition, was about as competitive across the board as the first weekend.

For example, both weeks saw one upset occur amid the myriad of matchups, with No. 3 Wings Over Rutgers defeating No. 2 Daniel’s Pizza handily in the College Avenue bracket just as No. 5 Brother Jimmy’s defeated No. 4 Mamouns in the Cook/Douglass bracket in round one.

But apart from that pair of unexpected results, the Sweet Sixteen was chalk.

The results of the Sweet Sixteen set up an Elite Eight which pits the top two seeds in 3 of the 4 regions against each other.

The Elite Eight is the final round of the regional section of the tournament, with two teams left in each bracket fighting off for a chance to reach the coveted Final Four.

They are as follows:


No. 1 Stuff Yer Face vs. No. 2 P.J’s Pizza

College Avenue

No. 1 RU Hungry? vs. No. 3 Wings Over


No. 1 Tacoria vs. No. 2 Destination Dogs


No. 1 Hansel & Griddle vs. No. 2 Diesel & Duke

Though the number of restaurants are slowly decreasing, the variety remains intact.

Among the final eight establishments, we have one Mexican eatery (Tacoria), one Fat Sandwich (RU Hungry?), one entirely dedicated to hot dogs (Destination Dogs) with another that serves primarily hot dogs and hamburgers (Diesel & Duke), one which serves wings (Wings Over Rutgers), one that serves pizza (P.J.’s), one that serves pizza wrapped up in the form of a stromboli (Stuff Yer Face) and one that serves just about everything in between (Hansel & Griddle).

Those matches in the Elite Eight will have to wait a week — like Rutgers University, March Munchies is going on spring break this week.

Poll for the Elite Eight will open on our website and on Twitter next Thursday, March 23, at noon and will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 26.

Until then, enjoy spring break and try out the remaining restaurants if you haven’t already to be the most informed voter possible.

March Munchies is a single-elimination tournament between 32 restaurants in the Rutgers/New Brunswick area decided by votes from the community. Polls are open Thursday through Sunday throughout the entire month of March, each week representing a different round in the tournament.

Make sure to follow us @Daily_Targum on Twitter and check our voting page frequently to stay up to date on every round and voting opportunity.

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