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Rutgers Board of Trustees accepting nominations for new student member

The Rutgers Board of Trustees is in the process of selecting a new student member who will attend meetings and serve on the Board for the next six years. – Photo by Photo by Jeffrey Gomez | The Daily Targum

The Rutgers University Board of Trustees is looking for a new student charter member to serve a six-year term advising the school and helping to oversee some of its assets.

The Board of Trustees advises the University and oversees assets that were built or acquired before 1956, said Kimberlee Pastva, secretary of the University, in an email. The board will accept nominations for students interested in the position until Friday, Feb. 24.

Student Charter Trustees will have a range of responsibilities related to the board, she said.

“This is a six-year term and Student Charter Trustees are expected to participate on the Board of Trustees even after graduation,” she said. “In addition, Student Charter Trustees should have a University-wide perspective to broadly represent all students rather than just one-degree program or school, shall serve as an ambassador for all of Rutgers, shall adequately prepare for and attend meetings and shall be able to maintain confidentiality.”

Students who join the board, along with each of the other 40 members, are expected to attend every meeting and some special events, she said. Student Charter Trustees who are assigned to a committee should also be active within it.

They should also ensure they can avoid conflicts of interest while serving on the board, while also complying with the Board of Trustees’ bylaws and meeting procedures.

“Student Charter Trustees shall be prepared for all meetings, having read the materials in advance,” Pastva said. “Most importantly, all trustees must maintain the confidentiality of the materials and meetings.”

The Board of Trustees has a Nominating Committee which will look at submitted nominations and letters of recommendation, she said. Once they pick their top candidate, the full board will vote on him or her during a meeting on June 15.

A student’s personal, academic and leadership skills will all be looked at by the Nominating Committee, she said.

Students cannot be employed by the University while they serve on the board, and must continue to serve after they graduate until their term expires, Pastva said.

The board currently has 41 voting members after Gov. Christ Christie (R-N.J.) signed a bill in 2015 approving an 18-person reduction in its size.

Three student charter trustees were added to the board at the time, according to a previous article by The Daily Targum.

Students interested in the position can fill out a nomination form at

Nikhilesh De is a correspondent for The Daily Targum. He is a School of Arts and Sciences senior. Follow him on Twitter @nikhileshde for more.

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