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Four day social media detox fail

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Social media should have its own rehabilitation program — it's just so darn addicting. If you deny switching between Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook at least 10 times a day, you are lying to yourself. 

My name is Nicolette Accardi and I have a problem: I'm addicted to social media. I would say it started back in circa 2005 when AIM and MySpace were poppin', but it really took a turn for the worst when Instagram and the rest of the gang came along. 

I noticed one day that I went on Instagram about 20 times, just refreshing my feed constantly. That for sure has social media addiction written all over it — not healthy. I'm surprised my eyes haven't turned square shaped to match the screens of my small technological devices.

I knew I had to make a change and attempted to go on a social media detox for a week— okay, only four days. Not going to lie, it was kind of an epic fail. At least I ended up not posting anything though (score.)

Day 1 — Monday

This day was a complete fail. It was going okay in the morning and afternoon, but once the evening came around it went all downhill from there. I don't know what hit me, but the minute I got to work I just went on a swiping spree on Instagram. Once that went out the window the Facebook scrolling binge began. Dang, I have a huge problem on my hands.

Day 2 — Tuesday

This day was a little better, but also kind of challenging. I ate some five-star stir-fry and was tempted to put that up on my Snap story, but I defeated the urge. It's a shame, though. My followers couldn't enjoy my food porn with me. At 6 p.m, the stress of the day is strolling on in. I have to deal with overly dramatic people left and right all day in my life, so that Instagram urge came back. My stress outlet is posting very weird posts on Instagram because it makes me laugh. Oh no, now I'm condoning the chronic use of social media — I'm a bad influence.

Day 3 — Wednesday

This day was an ultimate win, kind of. The only social media that was opened up was to check some Facebook notifications. Okay, I liked a couple of posts too — I'm weak. Memes are too funny not to like and I needed a good laugh. Instagram and Snapchat were kind of haunting me throughout the day. I think I started hallucinating little red one notifications as I glanced over the apps by 7 p.m. Social media withdrawal is clearly a thing.

Day 4 — Thursday

This day was a flat-out disaster. Morning: liked multiple Instagram posts, checked Facebook and Snapchat. Noon: scrolled through Facebook for an hour, followed Snoop Dogg — okay you get the picture. I think I deserve a free pass though. Thursday was doomed the moment I woke up. Therefore, Instagram was the answer.

Wow, I feel so rejuvenated after that social media detox — just kidding, it was a total joke and a half. Now I have to go look up programs that treat social media addiction because I clearly couldn't even handle four days — pathetic. 

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