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Avoid cops this mischief night, use bacon to cause havoc

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I really miss tee-peeing people's houses back in the day. There was just something about throwing toilet paper 100 miles per hour that seemed to fulfill me, if that makes sense. Unfortunately, now that we are all 18 and over, we can't just go around gallivanting across people's yards throwing bathroom products everywhere — unless, of course, you want a nice run-in with the good ole' Po-Po. Just because we are all "old and dried-out" (Spongebob reference) doesn't mean we can't attempt to have some fun with mischief night. Here are five ways to really piss someone off while getting into the Halloween spirit. This time it will be better — mischief night "college edition."

Plastic wrapped doorway

If you have any enemies on your dorm floor, this one is exclusively for them. Wait till about 3 a.m. just to make sure mostly everyone is sleeping and then go to town with your plastic wrap. I suggest purchasing about 20 or so boxes of plastic wrap — those doors ways can be pretty big and plastic wrap is fairly thin. You want to make sure that door is wrapped enough so it takes your dorm enemy a good 10-20 minutes to get out. 

Bacon surprise

This is an ultra random thing to do, but that's what makes it so great. First you're going to have to cook up a bunch of bacon. Once your food-porn worthy bacon is done, wait until the person you're pranking is asleep. Just slide all of the bacon under the person's door really fast. Once they wake up they will be so confused and probably creeped out as to why and how they have so much bacon on their floor. The only way this plan could backfire is if they end up eating the bacon off of their ratchet floor. They are not suppose to eat the prank for breakfast — that would mean they enjoyed it. 

Hard-boiled egg disaster

This prank is a good to do to a friend whose room you have access to. Boil a dozen eggs and once they leave the room, put them in the most random places you can possibly think of. When they wake up the next morning, they will smell an intense, foul stench of eggs. They will most definitely be pissed off, so make sure they don't figure out it's you. If they do, at least it will be extremely hilarious. 

Ketchup hand

Wait till there is no one in the hallway before you whip out your ketchup bottle. Once the coast is clear, squeeze that bad boy all over your hand. Pick someone's door to place your hand on to leave a "bloody" hand print. 

Raunchy hair surprise

Buy some washable, green hair dye (or semi-permanent if you really hate the person's guts) and mix it in with the person's shampoo. Wait around in the lounge till they come out of the shower so you can witness them walk down the hall with green locks. Try to catch the moment on Snapchat so you can showcase your A+ work to all of your friends. 

I'm pretty sure these mischief night ideas won't attract the RUPD, so mission accomplished. I doubt the RA will care, but just make sure you don't get caught just in case. Make sure you also don't do anything involving clowns.

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