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Vice Chancellor Felicia McGinty says she did not shut down Alley

Rutgers Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Felicia McGinty says she did not make the decision to shut down The Alley, a University-sponsored tailgate located on Busch campus during game days.  – Photo by Brayden Donnelly

Rutgers Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Felicia McGinty said on Thursday that she had no part in the decision to shut down The Alley.

The Alley was a University-sponsored student tailgate located across from the Werblin Recreation Center. Rutgers Athletics announced that it was shut down on Tuesday after two home games due to "safety concerns."

"The Alley was an initiative that was sponsored by Athletics," she said. "It's not a Student Affairs function so it's not my decision."

The University-sanctioned tailgating event was a "great" idea, but it grew much more quickly than was expected, she told The Daily Targum. The Athletics department had some concerns that needed to be looked at, she said.

McGinty confirmed that she did discuss some of the issues present at the Alley prior to its shutdown, but declined to comment on what those concerns were.

Athletic Director Pat Hobbs announced via social media on Wednesday that the Athletics Department would work with the Department of Public Safety to modify The Alley, either bringing back a safer version of it or finding an alternative site for the event.

An anonymous source told The Daily Targum that the decision to shut it down came after the University refused to work with the event's planners.

While she confirmed it was not her decision, McGinty could not say who did order the event to be shut down. petition calling for a boycott of home games until The Alley was reinstated has more than 2,000 signatures as of Thursday afternoon.

A group of students are planning to protest outside of the Student Affairs office on Friday morning.

"I'm the administrator who talks to students ... and I'm happy to talk to them but it's not my decision," McGinty said. 

This is a developing story.

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