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How chocolate gets me through college and life

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College is a very tough time in a person's life, or at least it is for me. With countless nights of staying up till 2 a.m., anxiety about trying to achieve that perfect grade, trying to juggle a social life and other obstacles that are in the way, it all can just be too much. There is something in this world that helps me out though, and it just happens to be found in countless stores — chocolate. 

I would say that chocolate and I go way back. I visited Hershey Park when I was 5 years-old and never looked back. I guess there is just something about giving some random dude in a Hershey Kiss costume (that probably hates his life) a hug that just makes you hooked on the cocoa. 

During my sophomore year of college, chocolate seemed to make everything better after a hard, annoying day. Didn't do so hot on that exam? Chocolate. Have a five-page paper due in a few hours? Chocolate. Have about 100 pages to read and your eyes feel like they're going to fall off? Chocolate. While walking to the bus stop, have some creepy old man cat-call you? Chocolate.

I am sure we can all see a pattern of why chocolate is a very important aspect of my life. Could you really blame me though? Having creeps cat-call you while you are minding your own beeswax just isn't right. I mean, at least it gives me an excuse to eat chocolate. 

I do realize that eating chocolate after particularly unpleasant scenarios can get a bit excessive, but why stop engaging in an activity that helps you out in a time of need? Also, eating chocolate is an activity for your information — chocolate to mouth, mouth to chocolate — sounds like a verb to me, so don't question it. 

I tried to detoxify from chocolate in the beginning of this school year and it didn't exactly end well. 

All the left over fun-size candies, bars, bite-size — okay, every kind — in my desk drawer went straight into the garbage can on the first day of classes. 

"This year is going to be different," I said. My first day of classes went  well, so I didn't really feel the need to shove chocolate in my mouth. Syllabus week went by and still no urge.

I was officially seven days clean from chocolate and was pretty confident I kicked my cocoa habit. My sweet, sweet cocoa habit. Oh chocolate, how I miss you. Nicolette, stop— you can't do this again.       

My first "real" day of classes started to stress me out, so I had to be extra cautious that I would have not have any slips ups. 

The next day, I had a quiz and got a C. I hopped on the EE, fast-walked down George Street and walked my ass into Rite Aid to buy some chocolate. I got a Lindt bar because I am fancy. 

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