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What retailers are coming to the new $92 million apartment complex?

honeygrow, a Philadelphia-based fast food chain, offers stir-fry and smoothies, granting students a healthier option than burgers and fat sandwiches. – Photo by Avalon Zoppo

The Yard at College Avenue, a new residential and commercial complex located at the old Lot 8 parking area, is now open.

The housing complex, which NJ Advance Media reported cost $92 million to build, will feature 135 single-bedroom apartments and is expected to accommodate  442 students. On the first floor, nine different shops will serve hungry students everything from fat sandwiches to iced coffee.

  • RU Hungry - The grease truck, which moved from the parking lot, now has its own permanent location at The Yard. The store will offer the franchise's signature fat sandwiches, as well as more traditional sides like fries and mozzarella sticks.
  • Bella’s Burger Shack - This made-to-order burger joint allows students to watch as their patties are grilled in front of them.
  • Surf Taco - This Point Pleasant-based franchise boasts fresh food and coastal cuisine on its website, offering "homemade tortilla chips" and their own salsa bar.
  • Krispy Pizza- Originally based in Brooklyn, this store's pizza was named the best in New York in 2005. It has since continued to expand in the New York area.
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs- This sandwich distributor will open its first location in New Brunswick at The Yard. They announced a five-day fundraiser after securing a bid for the location earlier this year.
  • Scarlet Sweets - This House of Cupcakes offshoot is a Princeton staple known for its variety of miniature cakes. The original location was featured on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars," winning the competition in 2011.
  • Starbucks - In addition to the location on Livingston Campus and the truck rolling around New Brunswick, a new franchise will serve frappuccinos and coffee to students at The Yard.
  • honeygrow - This Philadelphia-based chain of fast-food restaurants offers stir-fry and smoothies, granting students a healthier option than burgers and fat sandwiches.
  • At Your Doorstep Convenience Store— Located on Hamilton Street next to RU Hungry. 

The 350-square-foot video billboard is also operational, and will be used to display the first Scarlet Knights football game of the season, an away game at the University of Washington. Students will be able to watch the game outdoors on Saturday, Sept. 3.


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