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Glorious hot dogs take over College Avenue campus

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There’s nothing better than grabbing a wiener on your way to class, and that's exactly what students did early Tuesday afternoon when the aroma of hot dogs filled the atmosphere of the College Avenue campus. Flocks of students lined the street in anticipation of receiving their free hot dog, tater tots and corn dogs for Rutgers’ annual tradition, Hot Dog Day.

In addition to hot dogs, students were given the chance to receive a commemorative Rutgers 250th pin and take photos in colonial gear as this year’s event correlated with the University’s 250th anniversary.

Students took full advantage of Bishop Beach and the grass by Brower on the windy, but otherwise perfect day, while enjoying the many activities and chowing down on cheese dogs. After eating their dogs topped with condiments, students danced in the street with the Scarlet Knight and competed in an inflated multi-player action game.

On Morrell Street, tables were set up where students could paint and customize letter "R's" to their liking. Additionally, a photo booth was set up, allowing students to take goofy photos with a multitude of props.

Attendees rolled on oversized tricycles as hundreds of students waited for free hot dogs, corn dogs and hot mac ‘n’ cheese provided by organizers. Vegan and vegetarian students could also relish in the day of dogs as well — RUPA served dogs ranging from the beef, chicken, vegetarian and kosher variety.

The hot dogs were simple — one bun, one wiener — put together in assembly-line style, with one person holding the bun open as the other placed the hot dog inside before handing it to the next peckish patron.

The buns weren’t toasted and the sausages were boiled, perfect fare for feeding thousands of hungry, broke college students.

Upon receiving a dog, students were encouraged to walk up to the next table where an assortment of condiments awaited them. After waiting on yet another long line, they were able to top their dogs with ketchup, mustard, chili, melted cheese and sauerkraut, among other condiments.

Now let’s cut to the mac and cheese. Served in paper trays, they provided a convenient place to store your corn dogs as you consumed the hot dog with your other hand.

Clearly, it was not for the faint of heart, or for those who want to continue their New Year’s Resolution diets — but for students looking to have a good time, it was all that was necessary. I mean, who doesn't want a hearty, good dog, right?

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