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How to spend Valentine's Day with your cat

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and your friend Becky is spending her night on a romantic dinner with her serious boyfriend of five years. But your night will be better, spent connecting on an emotional level with your cat, Mittens. So, curl up on the couch with your furry friend right meow and read these tips on how to have a claw-some Valentine’s Day. 

Take Pics of Your S.O. All Night

The limit does not exist for the number of #mcm Instagram posts on Feb. 14, and your cat deserves to be honored just the same. Take a deep photo of Mittens looking into the distance at the goldfish bowl and caption it, “Serenity.” Pick out the proper filter that really brings out his whiskers. And don’t forget to photoshop Mittens’s face onto the body of Jake Gyllenhaal’s chiseled abs.

Lap Milk and Eat Fancy Feast together

Nothing says, "romantic dinner date" like a bowl of milk and can of tuna-flavored Fancy Feast. Get on all fours and dine side by side with your cat on your kitchen floor. Even if the cat food makes you gag, keep going. Swallow. You are doing this for Mittens.

Watch 'Garfield: The Movie'

Some people like to watch a romantic Nicolas Sparks movie with their significant other on Valentine’s Day, but not you. "Garfield: The Movie" is now on Netflix — a.k.a. the purrrfect film for you and Mittens to watch together. Midway through the movie, pull a fake yawn to wrap your arm around Mittens. The mood will intensify.

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