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Save your money with this DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Nothing screams Christmas like a good ole’ ugly sweater. Each year, there are ugly Christmas sweaters spotted everywhere around campus, especially Christmas parties. Barnes & Noble has one that is $40 — what a rip off — so don't bother blowing a paycheck on a sweater with Santa’s face on it when you can make one on your own. You no longer have to fear spending a wad of cash on an ugly sweater that you are probably going to wear once a year. Here are the steps to make everyone jealous with a rad, one-of-a-kind ugly Christmas sweater. Being ugly never felt so good.

Find a Plain Sweater

Pick a plain sweater that is preferably red, green or white to keep it festive. Try to hit up a thrift store or Walmart, or find an old one that you don't care about. This way you won't have to spend much money (or any at all) on something you are going to ruin anyway.

Get Garland in Fun Colors

Buy traditional green garland, or colored garland if you're feeling adventurous. Drape the garland in a zigzag design down the whole front of the sweater in the shape of a tree, and use a hot glue gun to keep it in place.

Buy Christmas Bows

Purchase some cheap, metallic stick-on bows from your local pharmacy or arts and crafts store. For some extra pizzazz, use a hot glue gun to put some colored rhinestones and pompoms onto the sweater.

Get Mini Christmas Bulbs

Bulbs are not just for the tree anymore. Hang them on the garland! Buy ornament hooks and put it through the opening of the bulbs. Place the mini bulbs along the zigzag of the garland. You will basically look like a pimped out Christmas tree.

Follow these directions this holiday season to design a customized ugly Christmas sweater without breaking your bank. Santa will be proud and appreciate your sense of “style.”

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