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Sruti Bezawada

Sruti Bezawada is a Rutgers Business School senior majoring in marketing and minoring in japanese. Her column, "Traipse the Fine Line," runs on alternate Wednesdays.

BEZAWADA: 'Among Us' encapsulates angst of 2020

BEZAWADA: Cyber security is about public safety too

BEZAWADA: Much more imposing online safeguards are needed, especially for kids

BEZAWADA: Self-discovery is not achieved on your own

BEZAWADA: Self-discovery is not achieved on your own

BEZAWADA: South Korea's pandemic response was adept

BEZAWADA: Military draft should not be requirement

BEZAWADA: Storytelling itself is remarkably, unequivocally American

BEZAWADA: While jokes have their place, facts must remain our bedrock

BEZAWADA: Power of the consumer must be exercised more diligently

BEZAWADA: U.S. should emulate French workforce law

BEZAWADA: Recognition of Diwali important to nourish cultural roots

BEZAWADA: Amazon fires critical issue, impact us all

BEZAWADA: Thirty Meter Telescope should not be made: Potential costs outweigh benefits

BEZAWADA: Film spoilers are fundamental to beauty of human experience

BEZAWADA: US must uphold democratic values in tech race with China

BEZAWADA: Opportunity paves path for continued hope, discovery

BEZAWADA: Upbringing contributes to foundation from which we grow

BEZAWADA: We should not allow unfavorable odds to discourage us to act

BEZAWADA: Free speech issues are arising with regard to Christmas

BEZAWADA: Use moderation in online shopping

BEZAWADA: Millennials are changing world

BEZAWADA: There is much to be learned from RM

BEZAWADA: First-years should know that mistakes are meant to be made

BEZAWADA: Students can finish semester strong by following a few steps

BEZAWADA: Students should take time away from worrying about future

BEZAWADA: History shows individuals have ability to spark huge societal progress

BEZAWADA: Students should go with gut on life's path

BEZAWADA: Inspiration can be drawn from obscurity

BEZAWADA: Americans can learn from Japanese customs

BEZAWADA: Take add/drop period failures as opportunity

BEZAWADA: Cursive is our door to past, present, future

BEZWADA: Small things are most important within grand scale of life

BEZAWADA: Despite bleak present, change is possible