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Dilara Guvercin

GUVERCIN: 'Last Chance High' reflects harsh reality of US public education

GUVERCIN: Special education students require extra attention during online schooling

GUVERCIN: Ephemerality of life can serve as motivation

GUVERCIN: 'I Will Never See the World Again' proves poignant amid Turkey's troubles

GUVERCIN: Special education in need of vital reform

GUVERCIN: Mental dexterity important for art appreciation, analysis

GUVERCIN: Citizens must be aware of child welfare services

GUVERCIN: Education critical for combating vaping epidemic

GUVERCIN: Social media influencers need to promote positive change

GUVERCIN: Exposure of core requirements provide notable benefits

GUVERCIN: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez responds to Green New Deal criticism

GUVERCIN: College experience is fundamental to our development

GUVERCIN: School psychologists are vital for education

GUVERCIN: Fundamental freedom of press is under seige across globe

GUVERCIN: Kanter’s standing up to Erdogan is laudable

GUVERCIN: Awareness of cognitive biases can empower us

GUVERCIN: South Korean laborers are heavily overworked

GUVERCIN: BTS gave good advice at UN convention

GUVERCIN: Monica Lewinsky has had strong, impactful, silent strike

GUVERCIN: Making sure to set summer goals is important for students

GUVERCIN: Turkey’s dictatorship seizes Kosovo teachers

GUVERCIN: Knowing multiple languages can be extremely valuable

GUVERCIN: Gun control may be only part of puzzle

GUVERCIN: People need to communicate dissenting opinions effectively

GUVERCIN: Education should be considered basic right, not privilege

COMMENTARY: Generation Z is not as bad as parents think