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Students discuss their experiences working on-campus jobs

Some students think the University's on-campus employment opportunities offer enough flexibility to manage both their classes and work hours. – Photo by Rutgers Research / Twitter

Rutgers provides numerous part-time employment opportunities on campus for students to work. Three students commented on their varying experiences thus far in these roles.

John Gill, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, works as the manager for the Rutgers Football team and said he found out about the employment opportunity through social media.

“I saw a Twitter post from the football team asking for student managers,” he said. “I have been a Rutgers football fan my whole life, so I thought it would be an interesting way to get closer to the team.”

Gill said he feels his work hours with the Football team can become overwhelming and distract from academics. He thinks first-year students should consider taking time to become acclimated to life at the University before taking on the responsibilities of a student employee, he said.

“I would not recommend (the job) to incoming students,” he said. “I would say you want to get at least a semester or two under your belt before you start working. I would say that’s good advice for any job but especially football because it’s a big time demand.”

Though, Chloe Mamagat, also a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, is a security officer at the Zimmerli Art Museum on the College Avenue campus, and said she feels her employment opportunity has provided her with a flexible amount of time to balance her responsibilities.

She said she feels her position is feasible and stable, with responsibilities including monitoring attendees and enforcing the rules of the museum as needed.

Luis Briceno, a Mason Gross School of the Arts sophomore, said he works in the Rutgers Student Center on the College Avenue campus as the center area manager.

Briceno agreed that the University’s student employment opportunities provide a lot of flexibility for students to maintain their commitments to school as well.

“The area management position gives a lot of flexibility. We are able to build our schedules around our classes,” Briceno said. “At the start of the semester, it's usually a lot heavier because of all the events going on … but after that, it usually calms down a bit.”

He was placed in this role through the work-study program, which allows students to benefit from financial aid for their tuition by working for the University.

Briceno worked his way up to management through this program from beginning as a part of the line staff. The application to management positions is a simple process for continuing students, he said.

“I got assigned there through work-study,” he said. “You’re able​​ to apply as long as you’re going into sophomore year to become a building manager or an area manager.”

Due to the ability to manage work and life efficiently, Briceno feels the University does a sufficient job in implementing benefits such as flexibility, though seeing the full implementation of human resources is difficult in certain positions. 

“I do see there being a positive space,” he said. “However, I’m not sure if I’ve seen other benefits, I’m not sure we have a (human resources) department.” 

The application to part-time positions can be found on the Scarlet Hub Student Employment site, through federal work-study programs, on the University’s job search, Handshake or on social media.

Marmagat said she would recommend her job at the Zimmerli Art Museum to both incoming and first-year students.

“Especially if you are an art major, I say go for it,” she said.

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