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Play out summertime with these warm weather tracks

Fall might be on the horizon, but you can still stream these hot summer tracks to transition the seasons.  – Photo by Fath / Unsplash

With the summer months coming to a close, it’s time to look back and cherish all the memories made in the past few months — and what better way to do that than by compiling the best songs of the summer?

With fall coming around the corner and the weather beginning to change, seasonal playlists are a must. Whether you’re a Spotify junkie or a loyal Apple Music lover, there’s nothing better than a perfectly curated seasonal playlist.

One of my favorite things to do during the changing season is to look back at my playlist from the past season, giving me the ability to relive my favorite summer memories and the songs that went along with them.

Below are some of my favorite songs that were on constant repeat throughout this past summer.

VIRGO’S GROOVE” by Beyoncé

“VIRGO’S GROOVE” was one of the highlights of this summer, if not the whole year. This track is fresh off Beyoncé’s seventh studio albumRENAISSANCE,” and it's one of the standout tracks from the project. The song features a fun, fast-paced instrumental that feels slightly retro, layered with Beyoncé’s ethereal and smooth vocals over top.

The song is layered with dozens of transcending harmonies and a lively call-and-response feel in the chorus. Phenomenal instrumentals paired with Beyoncé’s soothingly passionate voice and out-of-this-world songwriting skills have created the perfect song to blast in the summer months with the windows down.

love language” by Ariana Grande

One of my personal favorite tracks off of Grande’s sixth studio album “positions,” “love language” is a perfectly upbeat track, softened by Grande’s gorgeous vocals. The song features a plethora of harmonious strings mixed with a modern upbeat pop rhythm.

The juxtaposition between Grande’s airy vocals and the heavy orchestral backing track works to create a beautiful track, which I believe is one of the best of her career. It’s the perfect song to sing your heart out to on a warm summer day.

august” by Taylor Swift

What better time to listen to “august” than during the summer? While Swift delivers a cool and moody vibe with this track, it is the ideal song to narrate the best of your summer memories.

“august” features upbeat guitar strumming, a subdued yet powerful vocal delivery from Swift and perfect narration of a hopeless summer romance. There’s no better feeling than blasting this song while driving down the highway with the windows down. 

Pasadena” by Tinashe ft. Buddy

Tinashe knows how to make a phenomenal R&B song, and she did just that on this track. A standout song from her most recent album “333,” “Pasadena” captures the essence of a chill summer vibe in just a few minutes with this outstanding song.

“Pasadena” features an upbeat yet relaxed vibe, perfect vocals and beautifully layered harmonies. The lyrical content paints the freeing vibes of a California summer while discussing narratives of love and working toward your goals.

Surprise” by Chlöe

Chlöe has been pumping out track after track in recent months, and I’m not complaining. “Surprise” is the newest addition to her discography, and it’s exactly what was needed for the summer.

“Surprise” combines Chlöe’s phenomenal vocal performance with a soothing R&B track, fit for any chill summer night. The song has themes of love and lust, mixed with catchy melodies, banging bass and a playful rap verse.

Whether you’re swapping out your sunglasses and swimwear for sweaters and pumpkin spice coffee, or you’re getting ready for back-to-school season, all of these songs can fit perfectly in any seasonal playlist to create a wonderfully relaxing vibe.

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