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RU Connection 2022: Letter from the Editor

While everyone's college experience may be different throughout their time at Rutgers, the most important thing for every student is to make the most of it. – Photo by Rachel Chang

Dear Scarlet Knights,

Welcome to Rutgers — a place you'll soon have the pleasure and privilege of calling home. Right now, it might seem like there's no possible way you'll ever feel comfortable, or at the very least, less homesick. I also know stepping on campus for the first time can be overwhelming, especially when you're confronted with the concept of making your schedule or simply trying to find your way around.

On the other hand, maybe you're trying to envision what a "college experience" is supposed to look like. The good news is that it looks different for every one of you. Don't feel pressured to follow in the footsteps of your friends, family or Rutgers alumni. Make the most of what Rutgers has to offer by choosing your own journey, whatever that may be.

The best thing about our school is that you can genuinely craft an experience and community tailored to your interests, passions and ambitions. I want you to know that even if it feels difficult adjusting to the college environment right now, someone is always feeling the same way or can help. I'll admit it: I did, too.

Reach out, and make as many connections and friends as possible, even if you think it's a little off the beaten path.

As a first-year student, I never imagined myself broadening my horizons and eventually ending up at The Daily Targum — but it happened. I couldn't be more grateful to Rutgers for guiding me to my very own community, even if I thought I would never find it.

To any commuters, don't be afraid to take up space. I mean it. I practically lived on the basement floor of the Art Library for three years, and it genuinely did feel like my home-away-from-home.

I'd go there every day between classes and met fellow commuter students who shared the struggle of finding a microwave to heat up last night's leftovers for lunch (hint: student centers and commuter lounges have them — these places will become your haven).

If you live on campus, take full advantage of every opportunity your residence hall offers! Make friends, go to events. If you find it a little harder to commit to social events, that's fine— leave your door open. You'd never guess it, but the person living down the hall from you might become your best friend. Things have a habit of falling into place.

I can assure you that the heavy sense of confusion and uncertainty will clear. If you need some extra help, the Targum is here for you. This week, we'll publish "RU Connection," a series exclusively centered around providing tips, tricks and genuine advice based on the editorial board's experiences to make adjusting to college life a little bit easier.

To check out these stories and stay up-to-date with future campus news, make sure you're following our social media accounts. After all, the Targum is run by students for students. If you're interested in joining the team, email or stop by our booth at the Involvement Fair this year. You can also visit us at our office in the Student Activities Center on the College Avenue campus: We'd be thrilled to see you.

I'll leave you with this: These next four years will pass by in a flash — seize each moment, study hard and leave a little room to branch out.

Most ardently,

Isabella Tyszka


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