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From claw clips to coastal chic, these summer trends are fashionable year round

Early 2000s classics like “Mean Girls” are just one of the things currently influencing the summer fashion sphere. – Photo by Mean Girls / Twitter

Summer might be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean that your summer fashion pieces are out of season yet. Your wardrobe decisions are still crucial to making or breaking your outfit.

With fast fashion micro-trends coming and going so quickly, here's your guide to some popular color schemes and clothing pieces to keep in mind for finishing out your warm weather wardrobe!

Parachute pants 

These gender-neutral, loose-fitting pants have become a 2022 summer staple. Similar to cargo pants, parachute pants are over-the-top loose, baggy, low-rise, wide-legged pants — hence them being named after parachutes.

Pair these loose bottoms with a tight crop top or your favorite graphic tee, and it creates the ultimate comfy yet sporty chic look for everyday errands and adventures. Popular brands to look out for when seeking parachute and/or cargo pants are Dickies, Edikted, Jaded London, Urban Outfitters, ASOS or your local thrift store!

Bright colors and neutrals 

Say goodbye to darker tones and hello to bright hues and neutral earthy tones! Vibrant colors to look out for this summer are cobalt blue, bright shades of pink paired with orange and lime green.

If the vibrant color scheme isn’t your style, you can opt for more neutral colors like creamy beiges, pale and buttercream faded yellows and light grays or navy. In the past few years, there's been an increase in more vibrant cooler-toned colors as opposed to more muted earth tone colors such as rusty orange or brown.

Try to look out for these colors at thrift stores as you can pair and navigate different color schemes in a wide variety of clothing pieces from different time periods. 

2000s nostalgia 

Miss the fashion scene of the early 2000s? Well, you're in luck because 2000s fashion trends have been popping up everywhere this summer, and it seems like they're here to stay.

From low-rise jeans to corset tops to kitten heels paired with mini skirts, from platform flip flops and Y2K aviator sunglasses to baggy pants combined with an oversized graphic tee, this fashionable blast from the past has become modernized to fit the style and pace of 2022!

Popular sites that feature the perfect Y2K dream look are DollsKill, Pretty Little Thing, Emmiol, Edikted, Micas, I.AM.GIA and Minga London.

The coastal grandmother aesthetic 

Now I know what you’re thinking: Grandma paired with the word fashion may conjure up some outdated styles in your head. But this aesthetic, made popular on TikTok by user Lex Nicoleta, completely encapsulates a relaxed, breezy summer style.

The coastal grandmother aesthetic is made up of flowy blue or cream fabrics, button-ups, clean white linen pieces, draping sweaters over your shoulders and matching knit sets that make you feel like you’re heading to a vineyard for a glass of wine. You can find similar pieces on sites such as ASOS, H&M, Banana Republic, Hollister and American Eagle. 

Claw clips and other accessories

Perhaps the biggest comeback for summer 2022 fashion trends is the claw clip. Popularized in the 90s by runway models and actresses, the claw clip is an easy breezy way to quickly fasten hair out of your face while still looking effortlessly fashionable.

There’s a ton of different variations when it comes to how to style your hair with a claw clip, so make sure to seek tutorials out on YouTube or TikTok to get the most out of this fabulous accessory.

Other popular accessories to look out for are satchel bags, metal chain belts, jeweled waist chains, stacked bracelets and necklaces and thin framed sunglasses!

Whether you try to be on trend constantly or make your own style, these trendy pieces are worth checking out and adding to your wardrobe for the summer — or year round!

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