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Which Rutgers major should you pick based on your zodiac sign?

Whether you're a dutiful Capricorn or an emotional Cancer, your zodiac sign could indicate what major is best for you here at Rutgers. – Photo by Emily Ranieri

Plenty of people use astrology in many different areas of their life to dictate personality and make decisions, both important and unimportant.

When it comes to Rutgers specific choices, whether it's where you should live on campus or which campus you might most identify with, astrology can also be an interesting indicator of where you might fit best — including which college major is best for each you.


Although Aries are known for their fiery energy and bold approach to communicating with others, they do have a soft side. Aries could be extremely successful in teaching younger generations. Aries' ability to care for people while maintaining a confident and authoritative disposition makes them a great fit for education majors.


Tauruses tend to be grounded and logical, with a passion for exploring the physical world. An environmental science major would give a Taurus the stability they desire and allow them to use their stubbornness for positive change.


The tragedy and comedy masks of the theater, also known as Sock and Buskin, perfectly capture the nature of a Gemini. The two-faced, celestial twins are versatile and charismatic. Any Gemini would thrive as a member of the Mason Gross School of the Arts as a theater or dance major.


Nurturing and sensitive in nature, Cancers find solace in helping others. Cancers are self-aware and able to understand other people’s problems on a deeper level than most. This makes a psychology degree suitable for the crab. 


Leo, the lion, exudes energy and confidence in all areas of life. Leos can inspire others to step out of their comfort zone. Rutgers Business School would be a perfect fit for any Leo that wants to outshine their competition.


Virgos are at their best when they feel useful and productive. A Virgo's mind is innovative and able to quickly improvise. With great judgment and decision-making skills, Virgo would succeed in the Rutgers School of Engineering.


Libras are known for their ability to see both sides of any situation. Often acting as a mediator and sound advice giver, it is no surprise that a Libra would be fit for a career in criminal justice.


Scorpios are energetic, forceful and gutsy. Scorpios possess great knowledge of other people’s internal structure, and chances are, you won't win an argument with one. Scorpios would make excellent politicians and should consider majoring in political science.


Sagittarians are free spirits who are always looking to obtain more knowledge. A Sagittarius can't be tied down for long. Passionate about self-improvement and eager to get what they want, Sagittarians would thrive as international correspondents. The best major for this sign is journalism and media studies.


Capricorns are often regarded as the most hard-working sign, motivated by duty. Capricorns might not be the most social or warm, but they are masters of discipline. That being said, Capricorns should consider a major in mathematics, which would allow them to showcase their diligence and drive to succeed.


As one of the air signs, Aquarians often bring life to any gathering. They thrive in large groups and want to make the world a better place. Aquarians often find normalcy to be the most boring thing of all. Aquarians should choose a major that allows them creative freedom and the ability to work in a broad range of career fields. A communication major would give Aquarians the opportunity to shine as their true selves.


Pisces are intuitive and romantic. Anything they see could be a sign from the universe. Although they often fantasize about the world around them, Pisces are excellent at critical thinking and analysis. Pisces are on a quest to understand the world and would enjoy majoring in philosophy.

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